There are many "experts" that can't understand why you would continue to use a DOS program in the 21st Century. So why keep using DOS tools?

1. DOS programs can run on Linux using DOSBOX, not all but many (compilers/editors/interpreters/games etc.).
2. DOS programs were pretty efficient with memory compared to today's bloatware (especially Windows).
3. You already paid for your DOS utilties, know them well and can rely on them.
4. Giving DOS programs access to Linux is simple in DOSBOX: mount L / or mount C /U
5. Many tools and games were never duplicated in Windows or Linux.

DOSBox is an excellent tool for running DOS programs under Linux/Windows without the need of a memory/CPU intensive Virtual Machine. Click Here to see a list of test DOS utilites that will run under DOSBOX and WINE/DOSBOX combo.

With Microsoft's enforced demise of XP, Win8 disaster and forced updates for Win10 that erase your tools and settings, it may be time for you to finally jump to Linux. There is no reason to abandon older hardware just because Microsoft needs to get everyone into a subscription revenue model. Puppy Linux is an excellent choice, can be booted from CD/DVD/USB Flash, is extremely compatible with older Video/Sound/NIC/WiFi hardware and comes with an abundance of tools. Under Linux you can mount your laptop hard drive and run DOS/Windows programs from it without modifying the programs. Wine works well with Puppy Linux. Loads of tools and all free!