DOSBOX is a PC/MSDOS emmulator that allows running MSDOS games and some programs in a window or full screen under Windows XP/2000/NT/Vista/7/8x/10, MAC, BSD, Solaris, OS2, and Linux OS (Tahrpup/Slackopup). DOSBox is freeware created and maintained by very talented individuals. Thanks to them for this wonderful tool. Download DOSOX.

What runs in DOSBox? Any DOS program that does NOT use memory tricks, terminate-stay-resident (TSR) programs, DOS version specific software (PCDOS utilities etc.) or programs loaded via a CONFIG.SYS file which DOSBox does not use (DOSEmu might work). DOSBox (DOSEmu as well) use an older version of FREEDOS.



EDITORS: BatchMaster, BlackBeard, IBM E, MIX, MSDOS, NE, SPF/PC, SPFPC40, Utah Editor, Tritus SPF, TED


DOSBOX can have full access to all Windows/Linux drives/folders/USB flash using the mount command.

   MOUNT L /              mounts as drive L: the Linux super root
   MOUNT F /mnt/sdc1      mounts as drive F: a flash drive (in linux)
   MOUNT C /mnt/home      mounts as drive C: the Linux home folder
   MOUNT C X:\soft        mounts as drive C: Windows drive X:
   MOUNT Y \\WDMYCLOUD    mounts as drive Y: network share WDMYCLOUD

The only caution is to remember MSDOS used the 8.3 filename convention, does not support long file names with such looking cryptic with a ~1 appearing in a folder/filename and file names may be converted to upper-case when files when files are edited/saved.

Wish list for DOSBox, Linux CUPs printer support and to send commands to the console.

DOSBOX Turtoials:

Basic Advanced Drivers Utilities Setup DOSBOX_Config_Sample

Windows 3.x

Windows 3.x is an MSDOS program shell (like MAC is a shell for Unix) and Win31 programs/games will have full full access to mounted drives and folders.

   Download Win31
   Create a folder called W31
   Extract Win31.rar to folder WIN31
   Run DOSBOX (0.74)
   To run Windows 3.1:
   mount c c:\dosbox\WIN31
Windows 95

DOSBox has the ability to acces images, CD/DVD etc.. Windows 95 is not an MSDOS shell but may be run in DOSBOX as a bootable image. Unfortunately, the images only have access to what is in the image. You may add files to the image but can not access DOSBOX mounted drives and folders.

   Download   Win95 IMG
   Extract W95.rar
   Run DOSBOX (0.74)
   To run Windows95 Image:
   imgmount c c:\IMAGES\W95.IMG    or wherever extracted.
   boot W95.IMG
DOSBOX Controls

Use DOSBOX speed controls to increase/decrease DOSBOX CPU speed to make game peform better.
   DOSBOX Keys:
   ALT-ENTER    Switch to/from full screen
   ALT-PAUSE    Pause/Unpause DOSBox
   CTRL-F1      Keyboard Mapping
   CTRL-F4      Refresh DOSBox Mount List
   CTRL-F5      Save Screen (PNG)
   CTRL-F6      Start/Stop Sound Recording (Wav)
   CTRL-F7      Decrease Frameskip
   CTRL-F8      Increase Frameskip
   CTRL-F9      Kill DOSBox
   CTRL-F10     Release Mouse from DOSBOX
   CTRL-F11     Slow Down DOSBOX
   CTRL-F12     Speed Up DOSBOX 
DOSBOX Manual (0.74)

Create DOSBox ICON on Linux Desktop

After Installing DOSBox, use file browser and select /usr/share/applications, left click and drag the file dosbox.desktop to the desktop.

Right click on ICON and select edit item to change name of ICON. This works with other .desktop files as well (such as DOSEmu).

How to find/edit DOSBox config file in Linux

After installing and then executing DOSBox one time, DOSBox will create a config file in the /root/.dosbox folder. Click on /root/.dosbox/dosbox-0.74.conf to edit.

   fullresolution=1024x768       set screen resolution when dosbox in full screen
   output=overlay                works on most laptops
   autolock=false                keeps mouse from getting trapped inside dosbox
To play multi-player games:
 1. Enable DOSBOX ipx support, change ipx=false to ipx=true
 Decide which machine will be the server, run DOSBOX and type ipxnet startserver
 2. On each client machine, run DOSBOX and type ipxnet connect changing
 IP address to that of the server machine.
 You should get this message from DOSBOX:
   IPX Tunneling utility for DosBox
   IPX Tunneling Client connected to server at 

If you do not see the IPX Tunneling message, the firewall on server or client is interferring and needs to be adjusted or turned off or the IPAddress is wrong.

After all machines have been connected to server machine, start the game setup program on the server machine and then on each client machine.

 Doom1, Doom2, Heretic, Hexen, Hexen2, TYRIAN
 Run the setup program and select RUN Network/Modem/Serial Game.

        Select IPX-compatible network.
        Select number of players (must be same on all machines).
        Select Skill Level (must be same on all machines).
        Select Type of network game (must be same on all machines).
        Press F10   
DOSBOX Compatible Games

Links to Games: My Abandonware RGB Classic Games Best Old Games Dosgamer EMUParadise

This file includes Windows DOSBOX and DOSBatch programs to invoke a game in the list below using single or mode (if capable) with the ability to setup the DOSBox SERVER and the DOSBox CLIENTS for multiplayer. The batch programs determine if the .BAT file is executed under Windows OS or inside DOSBox itself. If under Windows, DOSBOX is loaded and runs game. If under DOSBOX, the game just runs.

   GAMES              (Top folder, Holds .BAT files for games)
     +---CHEATS       (Text Files by game name)
     +---DOSBOX       (Preconfigured Windows versions of DOSBox)
     +---GAMES        (Folders to hold your games by game name)

   Unzip file.
   Windows: Click on game .BAT file to execute game.
     Linux: Install DOSBOX package for your Linux version.
            Run DOSBOX.
            In DOSBOX: mount c  /mnt/usr/games   (or where ever you put it)
                       cd c:\games
                       enter .BAT file name for game.   'BATS.BAT'

            NOTE: Be sure to mount the games folder as c

            Included in the Games folder is ZDIR from ZANYSoft.  It
            can be used to display the batch files used to start the games.

            EXAMPLE:  CD \U\GAMES
                      ZDIR *.BAT

                      Pressing ENTER will display the games a page at
                      a time.

                      Pressing the down arrow key will scroll the listing
                      one line at a time after the first page is displayed.

                      Press the ESC key will terminate ZIR leaving the
                      screen with a whatever file list was on the screen
                      so you can then type in the game name you want to

                      EXAMPLE: HEXEN

More Detailed Information
Single Player:

Windows: Double click on the batch file. DOSBOX will run and run the game associated with the batch file.

Linux: Run DOSBOX, change to the GAMES folder, type the name of the batch file associated with the game, i.e. DOOM2

EXAMPLE: HEXEN Run the single player version of hexen.

For multiplayer you must first determine the IP address (IPA) of the computer that will be the server (

 Windows XP:
 Run CMD
 ipconfig /all 
 Look for the IPV4 address (

 Windows 7 and Linux
 Hover mouse cursor over internet icon in tray (lower right bottom) or use ifconfig in console.
 Linux will show an info box with the IPA (
 Windows 7 and 10:
   Right click on the internet icon
   Left click on Network and Sharing Center
   When the Network/Sharing Center window opens, left click on the link to the right of Connections"
   Local Area Connection box will popup.  Left click on the Details button.
   Note the IPV4 address (

Run DOSBox, when the proper drive/folder is mounted that contains the GAMES folder type GAMENAME SERVER to start the DOSBOX IPX SERVER and run the multiplayer game.



This will issue the ipxnet startserver command to DOSBOX and wait for you to read the return message. Pressing ENTER invokes Hexen's SETUP.EXE program where you set parms for the network game. Choose Select Run network game at bottom of box.

   Select IPX network game in next box.
   Select number of players (include server).
   Select Episode to play.
   Select Level oif difficulty.
   Press F10. The server waits for the client game machines to start. 


This will issue the ipxnet connect command using the server's address (or whatever it's address is). Be sure to look at the returned message to make sure DOSBox is connected to the server. The server will wait until each player is connected and then will start the game.

Multiplayer games allow you to resurect when you die though without all the goodies you had collected. Usually you press the space bar to resurrect.

The following games allow multiplayer: DESCENT1, DESCENT2, DOOM1, DOOM2, DOOMU, DUKEA, HACX, HEXEN, HERETIC and TYRIAN. HACX, HEXEN, DUKEA and Tyrian do not use a SETUP.EXE program, the batch program accounts for this.

Another feature of DOSBox IPX multiplayer is once the IPX server and client machines are setup, you can exit the game switch to another multiplayer game.

 DOSBOX Compatible Games List:
  Batch        Folder        Game
 ============  ============  =====================================
 ADVENTUR.BAT  ADVENTUR      Colossal Cave
 ALIEN.BAT     ALIEN         Alien Trilogy
 ALIENCAR.BAT  ALIENCAR      Alien Carnage
 ALPHABET.BAT  ALPHAB        The Animated Alphabet
 ANTARTIC.BAT  ANTARTIC      Antartic Adventure
 ANIMALS.BAT   ANIMALS       Animath
 APAC.BAT      APAC          A Pac Man
 ARCADE.BAT    DEFENDER2     Robotron, Joust, Defender, Sinistar,
                             Defender II, Bubbles
 ARGH.BAT      ARGH          ARGH!
 ARKANO2.BAT   ARAKOI2       Arakanoid II
 ASTO.BAT      ASTRO         Astro Fire
 ATETRIS.BAT   ATET          Tetris - The Best

 BACKGAM.BAT   BACKGAM       Backgammon
 BARBIE.BAT    BARBIE        Barbie Super Model
 BATS1.BAT     BATS          Invasion of the Mutant Space Bats
 BATS2.BAT     BATS3         Return of the Mutant Space Bats
 BCHESS.BAT    BCHESS        Battle Chess
 BCAULDRN.BAT  BCAULDRN      Black Cauldron
 BIOMENAC.BAT  BIOMEN        Biomenace
 BLAKE1.BAT    BLAKE-1       Blake Stone #1
 BLAKE2.BAT    BLAKE-2       Blake Stone #2
 BOPPIN.BAT    BOPPINS       Boppin Game
 BRIDGE.BAT    BRIDGE        Bicycle Bridge

 CARDSLTD.BAT  CARDSLTD      Bicycle Bridge, Cribbage, Poker, Solitaire
 CDMAN.BAT     CDMAN         CD Pac-Man
 CENTIPED.BAT  CENTIPED      Arcade Centiped
 CHESS.BAT     CHESS         Chessmaster 2100
 CHEX.BAT      CHEX          Chex Quest
 CINVADER.BAT  CINVADER      Champ Invaders
 CLIFFY2.BAT   CLIFFY2       Cliffy2 Multiplication Game
 COSMO1.BAT    COSMOS        Forbidden Planet  1
 COSMO2.BAT    COSMOS        Forbidden Planet  2
 COSMO3.BAT    COSMOS        Forbidden Planet  3
 CROSSFIR.BAT  CROSSFIR      Crossfire Game - Step Down DOSBox Cycles
 CRYSTAL1.BAT  CRYSTAL1      Crystal Caves #1 - Trouble with Tribbles
 CRYSTAL2.BAT  CRYSTAL2      Crystal Caves #2 - Slugging it Out
 CYRSTAL3.BAT  CRYSTAL3      Crystal Caves #3 - Mylo Versus the Supernova
 CUBE.BAT      CUBE          Rubik's Cube
 CUBE3D.BAT    CUBE3d        3d Rubik's Cube

 DARKF.BAT     DARKF         Dark Forces
 DESCENT1.BAT  Descent1      Descent I
 DESCENT2.BAT  Descent2      Descent 2
 DIGGER.BAT    Digger        Digger Reborn!
 DIGGERS.BAT   DIGGERS       Diggers
 DIZZY1.BAT    DIZZY         Fantastic Dizzy
 DIZZY3.BAT    DIZZY         Fantasy World Dizzy
 DIZZY4.BAT    DIZZY         Magicland Dizzy
 DIZZY6.BAT    DIZZY         Prince of the Yolkfolk
 DIZZY8.BAT    DIZZY         Bubble Dizzy
 DIZZY10.BAT   DIZZY         Fast Food Dizzy
 DIZZY11.BAT   DIZZY         Kwik Snacks Dizzy
 DOOM1.BAT     DOOM1         Doom 1 - The original
 DOOM2.BAT     DOOM2         Doom 2 - Second Doom
 DOOMU.BAT     DOOMU         Doom Ultimate
 DUKE1.BAT     DUKE1         Duke Nukem 1
 DUKE2.BAT     DUKE2         Duke Nukem 2
 DUKEA.BAT     DUKE2         Duke Nukem 3D Atomic
 DUNE.BAT      DUNE          Dune
 DYNA.BAT      DYNA          Dyna Balster

 ELECTRA.BAT   ELECTRA       Electranoid
 EPIC21.BAT    EPIC21        Pinball

 FROGGER.BAT   FROGGER       Frogger
 FUNNELS.BAT   FUNNELS       Funnes and Buckets Math Game

 GALACTA.BAT   GALACTA       Galacta
 GBATTLE.BAT   GBATTLE       Galactic Battle
 GETLOST.BAT   GETLOST       Get Lost Puzzle Maze Game
 GOBMAN.BAT    GOBMAN        Pac-man

 HACX.BAT      HACX          Doom2 Hacx mods
 HERETIC.BAT   HERETIC       Heretic 1
 HEROS.BAT     HEROS         Heros 1 - The Sanguine Seven
 HEXEN.BAT     HEXEN         Hexen 1
 HEXEN2.BAT    HEXEN         Hexen 1.1 More levels than v1
 HOYLE0.BAT    HOYLE0        Hoyle Bridge, Crazy Eights, Old Maid,
                                   Gin Rummy, Cribbage, Hearts, Euchre,
 HOYLE1.BAT    HOYLE         Hoyle Original Crazy Eights, Old Maid, Hearts,
                                   GinRummy, Cribbage, Klondike
 HOYLE2.BAT    HOYLE2        Hoyle Calculation, Strategy, Eagle Wing,
                                   Beleaguered Castle, Klondike, Canfield
                                   Golf, Scorpion, Spiderette, La Belle
                                   Lucie, Fortress Bakers Dozen, Bristol
                                   Eight Off, Shamroks, Yukon, Elimiator,
                                   Slide, Bowling, Nestor, Aces Up, Gaps
                                   Penguin, Pyramid, Triplets, Poker Square,
                                   Cribbage Square
 HPOCUS.BAT    HP            Hocus Pocus

 INNER.BAT     INNERWLD      Inner Worlds
 INVADE78.BAT  INVADE78      Invaders  CTRL ALT  RSHIFT Controls

 JAZZ.BAT      JAZZ          Jazz Jack Rabbit
 JAZZJR.BAT    JAZZXMAS      Jazz Jack Rabbit XMAS
 JILL.BAT      JILL          Jill of the Jungle
 JILL2.BAT     JILL2         Jill Goes Underground
 JILL3.BAT     JILL2         Jill Saves the Prince
 JUMPMAN.BAT   JUMPMAN       Jumpman

 KEEN1-3.BAT   KEEN          Commander Keen Episodes 1-3
 KEEN3-5.BAT   KEEN          Commander Keen Episodes 3-5
 KEEN4-5.BAT   KEEN          Commander Keen Episodes 4-5
 KENS.BAT      KENSLAB       Kens Labyrinth
 KILOB.BAT     KILOB         KiloBlaster
 KIX.BAT       KIX           Lines Arcade
 KONG.BAT      KONG          KONG
 KQ1.BAT       KQ1           Kings Quest 1 - Quest for the Crown
 KQ2.BAT       KQ2           Kings Quest 2 - Romancing the Throne
 KQ3.BAT       KQ3           Kings Quest 3
 KQ4.BAT       KQ4           Kings Quest 4 - The Perils of Rosella
 KQ5.BAT       KQ5           Kings Quest 5 - Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder
 KQ6.BAT       KQ6           Kings Quest 6 - Heir Today Gone Tomorrow

 MAHJONG.BAT   MAHJONG       Mahjong Tile Game
 MAHJONGv.BAT  MAHJONGv      VGA Mahjong Tile Game
 MARIO.BAT     MARIO         Mario Brothers
 MARS1.BAT     MARS          The Monuments of Mars 1 - First Contact
 MARS2.BAT     MARS          The Monuments of Mars 2 - The Pyramid
 MARS3.BAT     MARS          The Monuments of Mars 4 - The Face
 MARS4.BAT     MARS          Mars IV Adventure
 MATHB.BAT     MATHB         Math Blaster
 MB1.BAT       MB            Monster Bash #1
 MB2.BAT       MB            Monster Bash #2
 MB3.BAT       MB            Monster Bash #3
 MICKEYSA.BAT  MICKEYSA      Mickeys Space Adventure
 MONOPOLY.BAT  MONOPOLY      Monopoly Board Game
 MOTHERG.BAT   MG            Mixed Up Mother Goose
 MSPAC.BAT     MSPAC         Mrs Pac-Man

 NOID.BAT      NOID          Avoid the Noid

 ONF.BAT       OMF           One Must Fall
 OREGON.BAT    OREGON        Oregon Trail Deluxe
 OTHELLO.BAT   OTHELLO       Othello Board Game

 PACMAN.BAT    PACKMAN       Pac-Man
 PAGA1.BAT     PAGA          Paganitzu I - Romancing the Rose
 PAGA2.BAT     PAGA          Paganitzu 2 - Quest for the Silver Dagger
 PAGA3.BAT     PAGA          Paganitzu 3 - Jewel of teh Yucatan
 PAKU.BAT      PAKUPAKU      Faithful Pac-Man
 PCHESS.BAT    PCHESS        Psion Chess
 PEACHES.BAT   PEACH         Peach's Dream
 POKER.BAT     POKER         Bicycle Poker
 PTOMB1.BAT    PTOMB         Pharaohs Tomb 1 - Riders of the Lost Tomb
 PTOMB2.BAT    PTOMB         Pharaohs Tomb 2 - Pharaohs Curse
 PTOMB3.BAT    PTOMB         Pharaohs Tomb 3 - Temple of Terror
 PTOMB4.BAT    PTOMB         Pharaohs Tomb 4 - Nevrors Revenge

 QBERT.BAT     QBERT         Qbert Arcade
 QTETRIS.BAT   QTETRIS       Quatris II Gold - Tetris Game

 RAPTOR.BAT    RAPTOR        Raptor
 ROKETZ.BAT    ROKETZ        Roketz Game
 ROTT.BAT      ROTT          Rise of the Triad

 SA1.BAT       SA1           Secret Agent #1
 SA2.BAT       SA2           Secret Agent #2
 SA3.BAT       SA3           Secret Agent #3
 SARGON4.BAT   SARGON4       Sargon IV Chess
 SARGON5.BAT   SARONG5       Sargon V Chess
 SCRBBLE.BAT   SCRABBLE      Scrabble Word Game
 SKY.BAT       SKY           Sky Roads
 SOLITAIR.BAT  SOLOTAIR      Bicycle Solitaire
 SOPHWITH.BAT  SOPHWITH      Sophwith Flying Game
 SPEAR.BAT     SPEAR         Spear of Destiny
 SPELLCAS.BAT  SPELLCAS      Spell Castle Learning Game
 SQUAREZ.BAT   SQUAREZ       Squarez
 SSAE.BAT      SSAE          LT Ancient Empires Learning Game
 SSGG.BAT      SSGG          LT Gizmos and Gadgets Learning Game
 SSGS.BAT      SSGS          LT Gertrudes Secrets Learning Game
 SSMIDNT.BAT   SSMIDNT       LT Midnight Rescue Learning Game
 SSMR.BAT      SSMR          LT Math Rabbit Learning Game
 SSOPNEP.BAT   SSNEPTUN      LT Operation Neptune Learning Game
 SSOUT.BAT     SSOUTNUM      LT Outnumbered Learning Game
 SSROBOT.BAT   SSROBOT       LT Roboty Odyssey
 SSR1.BAT      RRABBIT       LT Reader Rabbit Learning Game
 SSR2.BAT      RREADER2      LT Reader Rabbit 2 Learning Game
 SSTC.BAT      SSTC          LT Treasure Cove Learning Game
 SSTM.BAT      SSTM          LT Treasure Mountain Learning Game
 SSTMS.BAT     SSTMS         LT Treasure Math Storm Learning Game
 ST25.BAT      ST25          Star Trek 25th Anniversary
 STARGUN.BAT   STARGUN       Star Gunner
 STRIKER1.BAT  Striker       Major Striker Scrolling Shooter Game
 STYX.BAT      STYX          Lines/Sticks Arcade Game
 SUPAPLEX.BAT  SUPAPLEX      Supaplex Game

 TERRA.BAT     TERRA         Terra Fire
 TETRIS.BAT    TETRIS        Text Tetris Game
 TETRISO.BAT   TETRISO       Original Tetris Game
 THOMAS.BAT    THOMAS        Thomas the Tank Game
 TOMB.BAT      TOMB          Tomb Raider
 TURRET.BAT    TURRET        Turret Gunner
 TV.BAT        TV            Terminal Velocity
 TYRIAN.BAT    TYRIAN        Tyrian Scrolling ShooterGame

 UFO.BAT       UFO           Uno Clone

 WACKY.BAT     WACKY         Wacky Wheels Game
 WARCRAFT      WARCRAFT      Warcraft
 WOLF2D.BAT    WOLF2D        Original Castle Wolfenstein
 WOLF3D.BAT    WOLF3D        Wolfenstein 3D
 WORDRES1.BAT  WORDRES       Word Rescue #1

 XARGON1.BAT   XARGON        Xargon #1
 XARGON2.BAT   XARGON        Xargon #2
 XARGON3.BAT   XARGON        Xargon #3

 ZINVADER.BAT  ZINVADER      Invaders, Super