Assembly Language
Art of Assembly Language for Windows
Intel 80386 Programmer's Reference Manual (1986)
PC Assember Book (pdf 1,047KB)
Intel Assember 80186 & Higher Code Table (pdf)
Great Moments in Microporcessor History

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Summary:Intel 80386 Programmer's Reference Manual (1986)
Download:386INTEL.ZIP(Feb 16, 1991, 301Kb)

Summary:DOS extender for game programming, ASM source 11 1996, 306.8K)

486DIS_C 486
Summary:TC source for code stream disassembler 19 1993, 11.4K)

8048DIS 8048/8049
Summary:Disassemble programs for chip 25 1987, 12.3K)

Summary:1990 ASM Language Snippets from FidoNet echo 21 1996, 37K)

Summary:1991 ASM Language Snippets from FidoNet echo 21 1996, 44.3K)

Summary:1992 ASM Language Snippets from FidoNet echo 21 1996, 56.5K)

Summary:1993 ASM Language Snippets from FidoNet echo 21 1996, 203.9K)

Summary:1994 ASM Language Snippets from FidoNet echo 21 1996, 421.8K)

Summary:1995 ASM Language Snippets from FidoNet echo 29 1996, 684.2K)

Summary: 29 1996, 684.2K)

Summary:80XXX Snippets March 1993. Assorted technical docs and code, collected by Uwe E. Schirm. Mar 1992 - 221Kb)

Summary:80XXX Snippets March 1993. Assorted technical docs and code, collected by Uwe E. Schirm. Mar 1992 - 221Kb)

Summary:Shows how to enable/disable Gate A20 (asm src)
License:Public Domain 9 1997, 4.9K)
Description: explains how to enable access to above DOS's limit of 640KB of memory. It goes through the steps you need to take to correctly read and write to the Keyboard Controller. Gate A20 controls access to the higher areas of memory, with it disabled, all writes will just be wrapped to the beginning of memory. So if you just want to get that extra bit of memory in Real-Mode, want to program in 'Real-Flat-Mode' or even full blown Protected-Mode you will need to know how to enable Gate A20.

Summary:How to convert MASM files to A86 format 15 1987, 34.2K)

Summary:Eric Isaacson's ShareWare assembler 25 1996, 173.4K)

Summary:Information about the files in this directory
Download:aabstrct.txt(Jan 20 1993, 4.8K)

Alab v1.3 Beta
Summary:ASM and Watcom C IDE
Author:Kurt Inge Groenbech
Homepage: 7 1998, 314.5K)
Assembler Laboratory v1.3 Beta 1 - Pentium Instruction Scheduler
(pipelining info, AGI's, clock cycle info, FPU overlap), Files up to
64Mb, label jumps, syntax(Asm/C) & error highlighting, proc, macro &
data browsers, project manager, bookmarks, ascii, key scancodes table,
opcode, int help, key macros & reassignment, heuristic scan.

- Tasm/Masm/Nasm/A86/Wolfwere/Wasm/etc.
- Tlink/Link/Dlink/Watcom Linker/etc.
- Watcom: All targets, wcc (386),wpp (386)
- Error grabber (=error highlighting)

Specify own assembler/compiler/linker English/German/Norwegian, make
your own language file.

Summary:Assembly language library w/ source & samples
Author:Jeff Owens 19 1998, 579.9K)
ALIB 4.0 - Assembly language library with over 400 functions plus source.
functions include database, compression, hyper reader, memory manager,
floating point, menu system and more. Also included are the following
sample programs:

CALC - resident pop up calculator
COMPRES - compress file
RESTOR - restore uncompressed file
DISKINFO - DOS internal disk info
EDREC - Example of variable database functions
FILT - Extracts block comments from source files
G - Directory changer
HYPER - Hypertext help
LOAN - Example of floating point to calcuate loan parameters
MEMORY - Memory information
QUOTE - Example of random function to find quote
SCAN - Search files for text string
SORT - Sort file
TIMER - Program timer, can be adapted for code timing
TODO - Todo list manager

ALIB30 Assembly language program functions include database, compression, hyper reader, memory manager, floating point, menu system and more. Freeware.Download

Summary:Src lib to create highloading removable TSRs 12 1996, 114.8K)

Summary:Magic Assembler version 1.12
Author:Bert Greevenbosch, Magic Software Rotterdam
Homepage: 29 2000, 26.6K)
Magic Assembler v1.12 is a 8086 assembler which can produce as well as
executable COM files as boot sector programs. Also, you can print or
create a text file with the source including the correct addresses.

ASM_0-M 1/2
Summary:ASM programs/libs/etc from various sources 18 1990, 686.2K)

ASM_N-Z 2/2
Summary:ASM programs/libs/etc from various sources 11 1990, 669.9K)

Arrow20 The Arrowsoft Assembler 2.0, a powerful MASM-compatible assembler. Supports opcodes through the 80286. Fully-functional trial version. Download

Summary:Editor making integrated env for TASM/MASM 26 1989, 83.6K)

Summary:ASMEnv: Borland-style IDE for TASM/MASM 14 1993, 116.4K)

AsmFloat Assembly language source code for doing floating point calculations. Download

Summary:Generate assembly code from COM and EXE's 10 1989, 67.4K)

Summary:Makes .SEQ file for ASMGEN disassembler 25 1994, 11.7K)

Summary:MASM Assembler help files w/docs & examples 30 1987, 15.6K)

Summary:Herr's library of ASM language subroutines 6 1996, 250.3K)

AsmLib40 For assembly language programming. A library that includes routines for: extensive graphics for HGC, HGC+, CGA, MCGA, EGA, VGA, SVGA & SVGA VESA, etc., fast buffered disk I/O, keyboard & direct screen I/O, EMS/XMS access, system info, pull down menus, popup windows, and much more! Shareware by Doug Herr. Download

AsmTtrl Assembler Tutorial, 1996 Edition. An introduction to 16-bit assembly language programming using DEBUG or TASM under MS-DOS. Freeware by Hugo Perez of the University of Guadalajara. Download

Summary:C/Pascal instructions/calls from x86 assembly 30 1996, 21.1K)

Summary:A well done ASM tutorial by Joshua Auerbach 27 1985, 24.3K)

Summary:Assembly language windowing routines for TASM 26 1989, 20.6K)

Summary:Assembly Wizard's Library for ASM pgming 13 1996, 75.8K)

AsmWiz31 Assembly Wizard's Library 3.1 routines for assembly language programmers. Text and graphics, buffered file I/O, kbd, mouse, exception handler, string support, hi-res timers & countdowns, lots more. For tiny model (.COM format) programming. Includes source code. Preserve directory structure when unzipping. Public Domain by Thomas G. Hanlin III. Download

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Summary:Drop-in replacement for EXE2BIN 17 1987, 4.6K)

Summary:Waite Groups ASM language Bluebook source code 13 1986, 57.3K)

Summary:Bubble: A disassembler for COM or EXE programs 18 1988, 72K)

Summary:BrandX full-screen debugger, 27 1989, 23.9K)

Index A B [C] D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 

Summary:Very small EXE2COM2EXE converters w/source
Homepage: 25 1997, 6.7K)
COM2EXE and EXE2COM are very small (610 and 757 bytes). The source code is included. The program is for beginners to learn about the structures.

Summary:Font Capture TSR loader w/Pascal & ASM srcs
License:Public Domain
Requires:VGA/EGA 286+. 20 1997, 61.2K)
Font Capture is a program that stays in memory and when pressing the hot-key the program will save the text-mode DOS font to file. It can be used to save fonts that you see on your screen to a known format. You can use the fonts with other program or just load the nice font to the screen. Also includes a few fonts.

Summary:CHeap ASseMbler (freeware) 1 1985, 103.2K)

Summary:Command line interpreter library. Freeware
Author:Martin Vogler 12 2001, 15.4K)
This library is intended for the facility of writing applications which
configurations shall depend on parameters from the command line. It
prevents the programmer from inventing recurring algorithms again and
again but keeps him/her free to use the functions in many ways. Unlike
the simple high level language parameter conversion by string, the
library performs a syntax check, sorts parameters by usability and
filters switches, strings, numbers, boolean values and drive
statements. Moreover, it only takes about 800 bytes in code. The
complete version is available in 16 and 32-bit modes for C, Delphi
and Pascal. This is the first release.

Summary:Case conversion util for Assembly language src 6 1989, 25.7K)

CRC32ASM Demonstration of how to write a 32-bit Windows DLL in assembly language, with source code for a CRC-32 routine. Freeware by G. Adam Stanislav. Download

CrossFire 80x86/680x
Summary:CrossFire: Hybrid Macro Assembler 22 1997, 265.8K)

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Summary:D86's BIOS interface for unusual machines, 6 1989, 29.7K)

Summary:Eric Isaacson's ShareWare debugger 25 1996, 92.7K)

Summary:8080 disassembler 20 1986, 13.9K)

DASM 8048
Summary:Intel HEX disassembler for microprocessor 20 1986, 14.9K)

DASM 8085
Summary:Disassembler for binaries 31 1990, 10.2K)

Summary:Z80 Intel HEX file disassembler 20 1986, 38K)

Summary:Converts a binary file to hex
Author:M. Thompson 14 1997, 3.2K)
Dattohex is an assembly programming utility used to convert a binary file to a hexadecimal ASCII file that can be used directly as an "include" file in an assembly language program. The output of Dattohex is in the form recognized by assemblers. This allows you to imbed graphics or data into your executables.

Summary:Inspect and change bytes in a file 26 1988, 11.4K)

Summary:Device driver writing kit 3 1986, 7.3K)

Summary:Pascal pgm changes debug 'u' captures to .ASM
Download:deb2asm.pqs(Jul 21 1987, 20.9K)

Summary:Clone of MS-DOS DEBUG command, with A86 source
Author:Paul Vojta 16 1997, 77.9K)
This is a clone of the DEBUG command present in MS-DOS. It was originally written for the FreeDOS project, but it may be useful to others as well. It is still incomplete (most notably, the expanded memory commands xa, etc. are missing), but the built-in assembler and disassembler support the full Pentium Pro instruction set, except for MMX instructions.

Summary:Tutorial on the use of DEBUG 21 1986, 12.1K)

DIS 80x86
Summary:Disassembler for programs 23 1995, 70.2K)

DISASM 8086/186
Summary:Complete assembly, disassembly tables 13 1996, 12.4K)

Summary:80x86 code disassembler. Free
Author:Maarten van der Zwaart 27 1998, 24.5K)
Disassem disassembles programs. It still isn't able to disassemble most
protected mode programs and windows programs. Special support is given
for Turbo Pascal 7.0 by Borland, because it is able to read map files
created by TP. This can be for first writing a program in normal pascal
and then disassemble the program and optimize the assembler code
manually. It reads every instruction I know up to the Pentium II.
Including the MMX extension. Also a few Cyrix extended MMX instructions
and some 3DNOW instructions are supported.

Summary:8086-P2 disasm w/ 16/32bit ASM src 4 ASM/C/C++
Author:Henrik Nebrin 3 1998, 119.6K)
8086-Pentium 2, Cyrix, AMD, 3DNow! and undocumented instructions. Tons
of options, and disassembles the code in intel assembly or AT&T assembler
syntax. You can use this in your own ASM and C/C++ programs. A simple
DOS-based disassembler is also included in the package.

Displays initial register valu
Summary:.COM and .EXE
Homepage: 25 1997, 5.3K)
Displays the initial register values for .COM and .EXE files, helpful for programmers wishing to know what DOS uses for default register values upon startup. Source code for use with A386 assembler is included.

Summary:Disassembler for DOS/Win3 pgms; uses MAP files 3 1994, 42.3K)

Summary:Demonstrates how to use MS-DOS EXEC function 7 1989, 5.5K)

Summary:Lists environment variables, w/src
Homepage: 28 1997, 1.8K)
Dumpenv is a example on how to get access to the environment variables. This program just lists them.

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Summary:Multi-language EMS library w/docs from Intel 23 1991, 308.2K)

Summary:Exe2Com by Chris Dunford (w/MSC source) 7 1988, 16.1K)

Summary:MASM macros for NEC/V30 instructions
Download:extnd.iqc(Dec 8 1985, 4.3K)

Index A B C D E [F] G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 

Summary:Free assembly language library
License:Public domain
Requires:DOS 4.0+ 14 1996, 203.2K)
Freelib v3.0 is a library of 200 routines that may be useful for assembly language programming. Freelib includes routines that do many of the tasks that make assembly language difficult - like buffered file I/O, formatted string output, memory allocation, etc. Also includes 16.16bit fixed point arithmetic, text screen output (EGA 80x25 or VGA 90x34), and VGA graphics in both 16 and 256 colors. All routines are highly optimized for size and speed, and average only 60 bytes each. Full source code and documentation is included for all routines. Freelib is public domain software, free for non-commercial use.

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Summary:Sample code to detect if TSR is already loaded 27 1990, 7K)

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Index A B C D E F G H [I] J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 

Summary:The Interactive Disassembler v3.7
Requires:386 or higher.
Homepage: 12 1997, 709K)
IDA stands for The Interactive DisAssembler. Unlike many other disassemblers, IDA works together with you, allowing you to modify the disassembled text 'on the fly'. It supports many processors, various input file formats, can produce various output files, etc. IDA has a built-in C-like language and sports TVision user interface.

Summary:Executing Inspector bin only
Author:Vadim Drubetsky
Homepage: 3 2000, 84.7K) 3 2000, 135.2K)
White & Black Phantoms Executing Inspector is a polyfunctional de-
bugger for DOS. Its main intended use is in debugging DOS programs,
various system tasks and studying x86 assmembler. It uses 250Kb of disk
space in five files, but absolutely only only two files (55Kb on disk).
Inspector uses 64Kb of conventional memory while working or being
resident; it uses extended memory for internal buffers whether the XMS
driver presents. Inspector works with all PC-compatible computers based
on any 80x86 microprocessors; supports all popular video systems;
receives input from both keyboard or mouse. Inspector has most options
accessible from both windowing menu and hot-keys.

Among the features are: displaying, searching, comparing, editting
memory contents, disk files contents, disk sectors contents; printing
listsings; TSR and activating with a hot-key; context sensitive on-line
help; ports direct I/O; "immediate" instructions execution; up to 128
breakpoints on arbitrary interrupts. Extensive manual is included.
Menu setup program allows easily changing Inspector's settings.

INTER61 x86/MS-DOS Interrupt List, Release 61. A comprehensive listing of interrupt calls, both documented and undocumented, plus ports/memory/CMOS/etc. Over 9600 entries (plus 5400 tables), along with utility programs and viewers, hypertext conversion programs and WinHelp utilities. Freeware by Ralf Brown. Download

Summary:Execute any interrupt in Assembly way (v1.0)
License:Freeware 19 1997, 19.6K)
Intexec.exe is a simple demonstration of how to execute an interrupt (Note: Real mode stuff only) by passing the interrupt no. along with the various input values for the processor registers as input parameters to a simple small assembly language routine.
This situation arises because most assemblers do not allow a variable say X to be used with the "int" instruction.
You cannot say something like this in your program
int X
where X is a input parameter indicating the Interupt Number to a assembly routine which has the above "int" instruction.
The program handles any interrupt (DOS/BIOS) and is currently tuned to work with 8086 assembly instructions. With slight modifications it should be possible to tune it for working with 80x86 assembly code also. Since the user is expected to be familiar with interrupts be cautious in the interrupt number you specify from the keyboard. In any case the user is responsible for the interrupts he/she executes, the input being either from the keyboard or file or some program.

Index A B C D E F G H I [J] K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 

Summary:Systems level diagnostics. GPL, with source 6 1999, 22.9K)
This file contains a collection of programs that gives the systems level
software developer some more feedback on his proceeding.

This is version 1 but the sources may not be new to all. This is the
first time they were grouped. Part of Utils is Mem2File (memory dump),
Vector (set/read INT vectors), Segment, Handle, Toets, StatBin
(frequency analysis) and more.

Free software, uploaded by the author.

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Summary:Hires graphics library for Eclipse (adv. GUI)
Author:Grzegorz Kowal 7 2000, 115.9K)
Kojak's VESA Library 2.9 is a set of functions useful for the simple
creation of 32-bit GUI DOS programs under the Eclipse Operating System
(DOS Extender). It supports VESA 1.x or 2.x BIOS in 640x480x256,
800x600x256 and 1024x768x256 modes. The library implements macros and
functions providing support for block, line and pixel operations,
pallette manipulation, GIF, Color-IX bitmaps, text, filtered input,
advanced graphic user interface, and more.

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Summary:ASM example of load & execute from EMS memory 25 1990, 3.1K)

LW 8086/80186
Summary:Pop-up help for instruction set 20 1986, 14.3K)

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Summary:Intelligent MC6800/6802 disassembler,
License:Freeware 26 2000, 11K)
The M68DIS program is a disassembler for MC6800/6802. It's operation
is controlled by a command file, which tells it what binary code image
file(s) to load, the addresses for code entry points such as RST, NMI,
etc. (optional), and the addresses for any code or subroutines which
may not be explicitly called within the MC6800/6802 code. The program
then processes the code, tracing execution paths and identifying jump
locations, subroutines and data tables. The program output is normally
in "list" format, with an address column at the start of each line,
however, this address column is omitted if the specified output file
name ends in ".ASM".

MAC 8080
Summary:TASM macros to assemble code 24 1991, 9.9K)

Summary:Converts v6.x .ASM to v5.x format
License:Shareware 31 1997, 8K)
MASM converter converts the MASM v6.x Assembly Source Code (.ASM) to the format used by the older MASM v5.x assemblers. This allows you to assemble, after the conversion, the new source code with an older assembler (the author uses MASM v5.1). The new source code comes from such sources as a disk when you purchase an assembly related book, software distributors, etc.

MASM32 V9.0
Summary:32 bit MASM assembler from Microsoft

MASM Reference
Summary:Microsoft MASM assembler reference manual
Download: MASMReference.pdf(646K)

MD 8086
Summary:Masterful Disassembler for Intel programs 24 1990, 153.4K)

Summary:Turbo Assembler macros for MMX programming
Author:Normand Leclerc 14 1998, 6.8K)
Now TASM users can code for MMx processors with TASM. Based on Intel's file, I managed to create a new set of macros using Ideal programming mode. I have also included an example on how to use them and how they are transparent. The example is MSDOS based and I did not include a pre-compiled version, instead, I included a makefile for easy creation. The example uses case-sensitivity compilation but the macros will work well without it. This is still a beta release. I expect to have some bugs even if I tested every instructions.

MODES 013h
Summary:Switch to mode/03h without BIOS - ASM src 27 1997, 6.1K)

Summary:High performance ASM video routines 22 1996, 258.7K)

MOUSEAPI Docs on the interrupt functions used to control the mouse in DOS. Download

Summary:Develop MS-DOS screen savers
License:Public Domain
Author:A. Sankara Narayanan 11 1999, 40.7K)
Mystic v1.0a is a development system that enables you to create screen
savers for MS-DOS with knowledge of assembly language. The screen saver
is implemented as a Terminate and Stay Resident (TSR). Mystic also
provides an Application Programming Interface (API) that helps to
customise individual screen savers and enables you to write programs
that control the screen saver even when it is resident. Be sure to
read the documentation READ_ME.TXT to learn more about it. A very
interesting and useful tool for hobbyist assembler programmers.

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Summary:Modular, reusable x86 assembler
Author:Simon Tatham 22 1997, 423.9K) 22 1997, 858.3K) 22 1997, 770.6K)
NASM is an 80x86 assembler designed for portability and modularity. It supports a range of object file formats including Linux a.out and ELF, COFF, Microsoft 16-bit OBJ and Win32. It will also output plain binary files. Its syntax is designed to be simple and easy to understand, similar to Intel's but less complex. It supports Pentium, P6 and MMX opcodes, and has macro capability. It includes a disassembler as well.

Summary:Norton ASM langauge rtns for disk file patcher 14 1989, 92.4K)

Summary:Norton ASM langauge rtns for disk file patcher 13 1989, 85.5K)

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Summary:TC Source for intelligent .OBJ disassembler 19 1993, 74.2K)

Summary:Example programs - how to write very fast code
License:Demo 4 1997, 4.6K)
This program is example how to write very fast locally optimized code for 80x86. It is tested on some computers and have very good results don't contradiction with theoretical calculation. You can test this algorithms for performance in your PC by programs included to this package. This technique of optimizing can be used for many types of cycles.

Summary:Overlay manager, linkable+standalone versions 4 1989, 90.7K)

Index A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O [P] Q R S T U V W X Y Z 

Summary:x86 Assembler for PMode Applications
License:Public Domain
Author:Dieter Pawelczak
Homepage: 18 1999, 288K)
The Pass32 Assembler is a free x86 Assembler to easily create protected
mode and DOS applications. The Assembler directly links a dos extender
to the application - there's no complicated linking needed. The
Assembler comes together with the Pro32 Dos Extender, but is also
compatible to other Dos Extenders like WDOSX, etc. The Assembler
provides a large run time library with std. I/O, heap management, file
handling & VESA graphic functions. Pass32 comes with a complete
documentation and many example programs. The Assembler and Dos Extender
are compatible with plain DOS, Win31, Win9X and WinNT platforms.

Summary:Virtual machine PC-AT emulator 7 1987, 33.9K)

Summary:Generate VCS2600 playfield graphics 6 2000, 63.5K)
Draw playfield graphics with Excel-sheet or text editor and convert it
to data statements for use with dasm assembler.

Uploaded by:

Summary:NASM port of PMODE 2.51 DOS extender 25 1999, 76.7K)
PMODE for NASM 0.21 - Protected Mode DOS extender with asm source.

This is a minor modification of Cyborg's PMODE for NASM. The only
difference is that you can now separatly compile PMODE.ASM and other
modules and then link them together using TLINK or some other linker.
Note that the CODEEND macro at the end of the main module of a user's
program isn't needed any longer. Also included with this release are
libs from the original PMODE 2.4 by Tran.

Summary:Protected mode FAQ and tutorial 21 1996, 32.3K)

Summary:Read a program's parent's environment w/ASM 23 1988, 2.4K)

PRIAC 40:00F0
Summary:Displays IAC area at w/ASM 27 1988, 5.3K)

Summary:Whitman's ASM language primer for beginners 14 1985, 14.7K)

Summary:Analyze program performance 28 1986, 34K)

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Index A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q [R] S T U V W X Y Z 

Summary:DOS extender source & examples. Free
Author:Daniel Horchner 28 1999, 172K)
RAW32 is a simple DOS extender that I have made to understand the
protected mode mechanism of the Intel 80386 processor. It works under
the following memory configurations: raw, XMS, VCPI and DPMI. I've
released the source code, because it is hard to find some useful info
about protected mode programming for beginners. RAW32 is very stable
and has some unique features, see RAW32.TXT for more details. Included
are several examples that show different aspects of programming
protected mode programs.

Summary:Dump Microsoft .OBJ & .LIB files, w/'C' source 11 1989, 15.8K)

Summary:Disassembler by Ward Christensen 2 1986, 31.8K)

RHStdLib Randy Hyde's Standard Library for 8086 Assembly Language Programmers. Includes routines for string handling, video I/O and more. Public Domain. Download

Summary:Simple device driver (ASM source)
License:Public Domain
Requires:MASM/TASM, LINK/TLINK, EXE2BIN or equivalent. 4 1997, 10.5K)
ROT13DEV is a simple device driver that provides some information on how one might go about writing a device driver that actually has some redeeming value.

Summary:Example of how to rotate a font + ASM source
Homepage: 18 1997, 5.7K)
An example of how to rotate a font, nothing more nothing less. Written in Borland Assembler. Full source code included.

Summary:Macro assembler/editor w/high-level structures 5 1993, 246.4K)

Index A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R [S] T U V W X Y Z 

Summary:Steve Gibson's Awsome 32bit windows assembly kit (Small Is Beautiful) with source code

Summary:Assembly language source for soundex routine 27 1988, 5.4K)

Spdy6r15 Speedy Disassembler 6.0 rev. 15, a freeware disassembler by DaniŽl van Els. Written in PB/DOS 3.5 (no source code). Download

Summary:Code analyser for MS-DOS
Homepage: 8 1997, 151.9K)
Servile Software Decoder (SSD) v6.0 - SSD is a code analyser for the IBM PC. Traces and analyses 8080/8086 (and some 386) software. Screened interpreter prevents disabling and disk writes providing a safe environment for analysing computer viruses. Capable of reverse engineering most PC software including packed and encrypted programs. Analyses:
EXE programs
COM programs
Packed programs
PKLite compressed programs
Boot loaders

Summary:Stderr Redirection Utility
Author:Ray Moon
Homepage: 1 1998, 61.3K)
Stderrf is a fully functional utility that will load and execute another
program and redirect that program's stderr to a file. This program was
written as a demonstration program for the x86 Assembly Language FAQ.
Its source code is 100% assembly language. It is well documented so
that the source code files can be used to learn not only how to redirect
stderr but how to load and execute another program. The source code
also demonstrates the use of my ASM Startup Code that provides the
command line to the main asm procedure as argc and *argv[] just as C

Summary:Standard Library for ASM programmers 12 1991, 127.9K)

Summary:Startup code for 100% assembly language prgms
Requires:The documentation requires Acrobat Reader 3.0
Homepage: 16 1997, 141.2K)
ASM Startup code allows you the programmer to start assembly language programs just as you would start C programs, that is with the main() procedure. The startup code sets up a standard executing environment and can provide the command line and environmental variables in the form of argc, *argv[], and *envp[] just as in C. All code is provided for the startup code. Also included are the full source to demonstration programs to show how to use the startup code. All code is well documented and is written to be assembled in any memory model from tiny to huge. Both .exe and .com formats are supported. Also included are .lib files with all startup code and some general purpose ASM procedures. Source code templates for the main() and subprocedures is provided. Documentation is a 40 page manual in Adobe Acrobat format. This manual explains how to use the code, how the code works, how to write procedures that will assemble in any memory model, and many more assembly language programming tips.

Summary:Macros for structured programming in A86 28 1989, 2.8K)

Summary:Demonstrates how to read command line switches 25 1988, 3K)

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Summary:TMA macro assembler. Freeware
License:Freeware 12 1998, 568.5K)
TMA release 980705 is a macro assembler that runs under DOS and the GNU
public license. It is partially compatible to A386 and its source is
included. x86 instructions up to the P6, except MMX and floating-point-
instructions, are implemented. You're welcome to contribute to the
project. TMA compiles itself but you'll also find many example sources
in the archive: a 6502 assembler, plus a library of graphics and sound
modules and graphical effects.

Summary:Skeletal ASM programs for programming TSRs 19 1991, 33.8K)

Summary:Douglas Boling's MASM template for a TSR pgm 30 1991, 10.9K)

Summary:Fiddle with NonMaskable Interrupts
Download:testnmi.asm(Jan 5 1985, 2.4K)

Summary:Interrupt tracer w/ASM/com files 12 1986, 37.6K)

TSR 80286
Summary:TSR: assembler language quick reference 22 1987, 16.1K)

Summary:Sample demo on a safe approach to TSRs (w/ASM) 8 1987, 14.6K)

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Summary:Converts binary to Intel hex 1 1994, 20.5K)

Summary:Unreal-Mode: Linear memory in real mode 14 1995, 5.2K)

UCRAsm26 UCR Standard Library for Assembly Language Programmers. Includes floating point, environment variable access, arrays, string handling, video I/O and more.Download

Summary:Assembler macros for use with MASM 5*.*0 5 1987, 31.2K)

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Summary:Assembler, linker, editor (old but good) 19 1995, 104.9K)

Summary:List any range of 80x86 Int vectors, w/ source
Author:Jan Verhoeven, A-klasse engineering 9 1998, 11.2K)
Vector lists any range of 80x86 Interrupt vectors to the screen. The
output may be redirected as usual.

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Summary:Wolf's Shareware assembler 7 1987, 90.2K)

Weird Assembler
Summary:Tiny Assembler. Freeware
Author:Artur Skura 2 1998, 11.5K)
Weird Assembler is a tiny assembler with TASM syntax. It produces COM
files. Sample source included. Source code available by contacting the

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Summary:EXE2BIN replacement (tweaked ASM src) 14 1989, 7.1K)

XLT 8086
Summary:8080 to ASM translater, w/ASM source 11 1986, 18.2K)

XMS The Extended Memory Specification 2.0: tech docs on XMS memory. Download

Summary:Displays interrupts/calls during pgm execution 17 1990, 13.1K)

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Z80 Opcode Listing
Summary:Z80 Opcode Listing: Z-80 CPU instruction set 14 1997, 1.9K)

Summary:Listings from 'Zen of Assembly Language', #1 14 1990, 56.4K)

Summary:Listings from 'Zen of Assembly Language', #2 14 1990, 95.9K)