------------------- MS-DOS v6.22 Help: Command Reference -------------------
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<ANSI.SYS>                 <EMM386.EXE>              <Multi-config>
<Append>                   <Erase>                   <Nlsfunc>
<Attrib>                   <Exit>                    <Numlock>
<Batch commands>           <Expand>                  <Path>
<Break>                    <Fasthelp>                <Pause>
<Buffers>                  <Fastopen>                <Power>
<Call>                     <Fc>                      <POWER.EXE>
<Cd>                       <Fcbs>                    <Print>
<Chcp>                     <Fdisk>                   <Prompt>
<Chdir>                    <Files>                   <Qbasic>
<Chkdsk>                   <Find>                    <RAMDRIVE.SYS>
<CHKSTATE.SYS>             <For>                     <Rd>
<Choice>                   <Format>                  <Rem>
<Cls>                      <Goto>                    <Ren>
<Command>                  <Graphics>                <Rename>
<CONFIG.SYS commands>      <Help>                    <Replace>
<Copy>                     <HIMEM.SYS>               <Restore>
<Country>                  <If>                      <Rmdir>
<Ctty>                     <Include>                 <ScanDisk>
<Date>                     <Install>                 <Set>
<Dblspace>                 <Interlnk>                <Setver>
<Debug>                    <INTERLNK.EXE>            <SETVER.EXE>
<Defrag>                   <International commands> <Share>
<Del>                      <Intersvr>                <Shell>
<Deltree>                  <Keyb>                    <Shift>
<Device>                   <Label>                   <SIZER.EXE>
<Device drivers>           <Lastdrive>               <Smartdrv>
<Devicehigh>               <Lh>                      <SMARTDRV.EXE>
<Dir>                      <Loadfix>                 <Sort>
<Diskcomp>                 <Loadhigh>                <Stacks>
<Diskcopy>                 <Md>                      <Submenu>
<DISPLAY.SYS>              <Mem>                     <Subst>
<Dos>                      <Memmaker>                <Switches>
<Doskey>                   <MenuColor>               <Sys>
<Dosshell>                 <MenuDefault>             <Time>
<DRIVER.SYS>               <MenuItem>                <Tree>
<Drivparm>                 <Mkdir>                   <Type>
<Drvspace>                 <Mode Commands>           <Undelete>
<Drvspace Tips>            <More>                    <Unformat>
<DRVSPACE.SYS>             <Move>                    <Ver>
<Echo>                     <Msav>                    <Verify>
<Edit>                     <Msbackup>                <Vol>
<EGA.SYS>                  <Mscdex>                  <VSafe>
<Emm386>                   <Msd>                     <Xcopy>

A printed version of this command reference is available in the MS-DOS
Technical Reference. For ordering information, see the coupon at the back of
your MS-DOS User's Guide.


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