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Starts the Nlsfunc program, which loads country-specific information for
national language support (NLS).

You can use the NLSFUNC command either from the command line or within your
CONFIG.SYS file to support the use of country-specific information and
character set (code page) switching.

Do not use the NLSFUNC command while Windows is running. If you do, your
computer might stop responding.


    NLSFUNC [[drive:][path]filename]

In your CONFIG.SYS file, use the following syntax:

    INSTALL=[[dos-drive:]dos-path]NLSFUNC.EXE [country-filename]


[drive:][path]filename or country-filename
    Specifies the location and name of the file containing country-specific
    information. If you use this parameter in the INSTALL command, you must
    include the drive and directory.

    Specifies the location of NLSFUNC.EXE.

Related Commands

For information about displaying the current character set (code page), see
the <CHCP> command.

For information about preparing a character set (code page), see the
<MODE (set device code pages)> command.


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The default value for [drive:][path]filename is defined by the COUNTRY
command in your CONFIG.SYS file. If no COUNTRY command exists in CONFIG.SYS,
Nlsfunc looks for COUNTRY.SYS in the root directory of the startup drive.
Nlsfunc does not access the COUNTRY.SYS file until MS-DOS requests
information from it. If MS-DOS cannot find the COUNTRY.SYS file when you
install Nlsfunc, no error message is given. However, you will get an error
message if you subsequently run a CHCP command.


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To use the default country-specific information found in the COUNTRY.SYS
file, type the following command:


Suppose you have a file called NEWCDPG.SYS that contains country-specific
information. If you want to use the information from that file rather than
from the COUNTRY.SYS file, type the following command:

    nslfunc newcdpg.sys


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