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                                 MKDIR (MD)

Creates a directory.

You can use the MKDIR or MD command to create a multilevel directory


    MKDIR [drive:]path

    MD [drive:]path


    Specifies the drive on which you want to create the new directory.

    Specifies the name and location of the new directory. The maximum length
    of any single path from the root directory to the new directory is 63
    characters, including backslashes (\).

Related Commands

For information about deleting a directory, see the <RMDIR> command. For
information about changing directories, see the <CHDIR> command.



                            MKDIR (MD)--Examples

Suppose you want to create a directory on the disk in the current drive and
use the directory to store all your tax information. To create a directory
named TAXES, type the following command:

    mkdir \taxes

You could also type this command with the same results:

    md \taxes

Now suppose that the TAXES directory is the current directory and that you
want to create a subdirectory of TAXES named PROPERTY. To create the
PROPERTY directory, type the following command:

    mkdir property


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