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Quits the MS-DOS command interpreter (COMMAND.COM) and returns to the
program that started the command interpreter, if one exists.






Using exit with the command interpreter

When you use the MS-DOS COMMAND command to start a new instance of the
command interpreter, you can use the EXIT command to return to the old
command interpreter. Also, while running some programs, you can run the
MS-DOS command interpreter and then use the EXIT command to return to your
program. For more information about command interpreters, see the <COMMAND>

If you are not using the /P (permanent) switch with the inital copy of
COMMAND.COM, the EXIT command quits the command interpreter. You must then
specify at the command prompt the location of the COMMAND.COM file to start
the command interpreter again.

Using exit when the command program is loaded as permanent

If you start the COMMAND.COM program with the /P (permanent) switch, the
EXIT command has no effect.


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