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CWTE is a yet another full screen line oriented text editor that utilizes both a mix of primary and line commands. It has many of the full screen text editing features like that found in IBM's ISPF/PDF/SPF product as found on their TSO mainframes. CWTE is a WYSIWYG style text editor, specifically designed for the workstations (Unix and Windows), with a focus on hardware engineers who may also do some programming. For those who have a need to work across several Unix workstations. To have the look, feel, and operation of the editor with features that work very much the same across the various Unix and Windows platforms.
CWTE is an Open Source program that is FREE for you to use ( however, a DONATION would be greatly appreciated ). Before using the CWTE program, know that CWTE is distributed under the terms of the 'BSD 2-CLAUSE' STYLE LICENSE which you should read and comply with. CWTE is distributed in the hopes that it will be useful for you, both at work and at home. To be that editor you have been searching for that provides the inter workstation commonality across the various platforms.
Similar To
CWTE has been styled and modeled off of the full screen text editor like that found within the ISPF/PDF product on the IBM TSO mainframe (however, there is no 'EDIT MACRO' or API built-in functions). But note that all PF keys can be personally assigned with primary and line commands of your choice and many command sequences can be grouped into one PF key if you like. And like most Unix and Windows programs, it does utilize the mouse, can do global cut and paste, can resize the window, etc. Note however, that this is a text editor and not a word processor. CWTE has been designed to be a work horse on Unix Xwindows workstations and Windows computers. To be dynamically interactive, to be able to bring up the editor most anywhere at any time, to quickly see your data, to start work immediately, and most of all, to have many of the edit features like that found in the ISPF/PDF text editor.
- Windows
- Linux
- Unix
- Mac OS X
CWTE has been designed to be useable on a variety of workstation and personal computer platforms. While CWTE does not have a colorful screen or fancy buttons, it does have a lot of nice features. CWTE should work on most all versions of Windows and Unix Xwindows platforms. And being designed for Xwindows, CWTE (within the Unix environment) can also edit files located on remote workstations and/or be used from remote workstations. See the 'Requirements' web page for platform details and check the 'DownLoads' web page to see what versions are available.
More Than
A Basic
- - -
Can Browse
Directories Too
- - -
Round Robin
Ring Of Views
* CWTE also has a full screen File-List feature for viewing directory contents, where you can further select files and/or subdirectories from the displayed list. The list can be scrolled and the viewing/selecting of files and directories can be endless.
* All of the various file and directory views in CWTE are contained in a round robin ring of views. Where you can view as many files and directories as you please with commands to find, branch back, relocate views, etc as available memory will allow. Further, there are line commands (not cut/paste) that can copy/move lines of text data (including file/directory entries) between the views. Further, you could visually compare text files by switching adjacent views back and forth, syncing the lines as you scroll down each of the text file views.
* When in the File-List view, there is a line command that will allow launching of an application program based on the file type (SAA).
* The File-List feature comes in handy when using the terminal command-line wild cards to select files. CWTE can catch the accidental command line entering of a wild card run away that sometimes happens by creating a list of entries to select from rather than the program opening each and every file. And if you do decide to open an excessive number of files (an option), a simple command can easily close all of them at once. Further, you can block selected views from the accidental closing via a primary command.
* When starting CWTE in a directory with no options, it will display a File-List view of the directory contents in which you can select and view entries.
CWTE has been working reliability for many years and new features are always being added to meet work related and/or personal needs. And when major annoyances were discovered, such as dealing with the multi use key arrangement mix in the keyboard of laptops or wanting the insert state to be ignored when the cursor is within the line command field, those changes were made to make life easier.
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