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This page evolved from the original
Mark's Fulltime RV Adventure

Hi! Mark here... Thanks for stopping by!!

A little history for any newcomers: In June of 1997, I quit my job, sold my house and all my junk and bought an RV. For almost 5 years, I traveled all over the country, meeting great folks and seeing unforgettable sights! As I traveled, I maintained my website (Mark's Fulltime RV Adventure), posting monthly travel logs and tons of pictures. I also wrote a number of lifestyle and technical articles for the site over the years. Unfortunately, my journey eventually had to end, as I ran out of money, but I hope to be able to return to the road again someday. I couldn't bear to shut down the site, so instead, Mark's Fulltime RV Resource was born. The current site includes all of the original articles from the traveling site and many new articles and resources have been added. I hope that this site, the tales of my experiences, and the information compiled here will be the trigger that gets you started on your OWN RV Adventure!!

Because of my return to the working world, this site does not get updated as often as I'd like. However, new articles, links and information are added from time to time. Be aware that some of the site content was created in the previous millenium, so some links and references may no longer be valid.

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