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Enables or disables EMM386 expanded-memory support on a computer with an 80386 or higher processor. The EMM386 command also enables or disables Weitek coprocessor support. Do not use this command when Windows is running. The EMM386 device driver, EMM386.EXE, provides expanded-memory support and also provides access to the upper memory area. For information about EMM386.EXE, see <EMM386.EXE>. Syntax EMM386 [ON|OFF|AUTO] [W=ON|W=OFF] To display the current status of EMM386 expanded-memory support, use the following syntax: EMM386 Parameters ON|OFF|AUTO Activates the EMM386 device driver (if set to ON), or suspends the EMM386 device driver (if set to OFF), or places the EMM386 device driver in auto mode (if set to AUTO). Auto mode enables expanded-memory support only when a program calls for it. The default value is ON. W=ON|W=OFF Enables (if set to W=ON) or disables (if set to W=OFF) Weitek coprocessor support. The default value is W=OFF.
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