---------------- MS-DOS v6.22 Help: MODE (Set Display Mode) ----------------

                          MODE (Set Display Mode)

Selects the active display adapter and its display mode, or reconfigures the
active display adapter.


    MODE [display-adapter][,shift[,T]]

    MODE [display-adapter][,n]

    MODE CON[:] [COLS=c] [LINES=n]


    Specifies a setting category. The following list shows the value(s)
    associated with each setting category for display-adapter:

    40 or 80
        Indicates the number of characters per line.

    BW40 or BW80
        Specifies a color graphics adapter (CGA) with color turned off, and
        specifies the number of characters per line.

    CO40 or CO80
        Specifies a color monitor with color enabled, and specifies the
        number of characters per line.

        Specifies a monochrome display adapter with a constant width of 80
        characters per line.

        Specifies whether to shift the CGA screen to the left or to the
        right. Valid values for shift are L (for left) and R (for right).

    Enables you to align the screen by using a test pattern. MS-DOS prompts
    you to indicate whether the screen is aligned correctly.

    Refers to the monitor.

    Specifies the number of characters (columns) per line. Valid values are
    40 and 80.

    Specifies the number of lines that can be displayed on the screen. Valid
    values for n are 25, 43, and 50. Not all display adapters support all
    three settings. To set the number of lines, you must have installed the
    ANSI.SYS device driver by using a device command in your CONFIG.SYS


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