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                          MODE (Redirect Printing)

Redirects output from a parallel port to a serial communications port.


    MODE LPTn[:]=COMm[:]


    Specifies the parallel port. Valid values for n are in the range 1
    through 3.

    Specifies the serial port. Valid values for m are in the range 1 through



                     MODE (Redirect Printing)--Examples

Suppose you want to set up your system so that it sends parallel-printer
output to a serial printer. To do this, you must use the MODE command twice.
The first time, you use MODE to configure the serial port; the second time,
you use MODE to redirect parallel-printer output to the serial port you
specified in the first MODE command.

For example, if your serial printer operates at 4800 baud with even parity
and is connected to the COM1 port (the first serial connection on your
computer), you would type the following two commands:

    mode com1 48,e,,,b

    mode lpt1=com1

If you redirect parallel-printer output from LPT1 to COM1 but then decide
that you want to print a file by using LPT1, use the following command
before you print the file. This command prevents MS-DOS from redirecting the
file from LPT1 to COM1.

    mode lpt1


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