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Classic Rexx Tutorial
Language Level 4.00 (TRL-2)

Drop instruction

The drop instruction removes one or more variables. The value of these variables becomes unassigned.

Note: when the drop instruction removes variables that are exposed, in the current procedure context, the variables removed from a calling procedure context.

The variables being removed can be one of the following:

Click here to review how Rexx variables are used.

Variable reference

Within the list of variables that are being dropped, one additional capability can be used. A variable name can be enclosed in parentheses. This removes the specific variable, and addition its value is used as a subsidiary list. The list consists of a series of variable names separated by spaces. Each of these are removed in sequence from left to right.

Note: the variable reference capability was added in language level 4.0 (TRL-2). Thus, this capability may be absent in some Rexx implementations.

Here is a simple example of the use of a variable reference in a drop instruction.

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Last updated on: 8 Aug 2002