The following software is REXX related software for Windows (95/98/Millenium/NT/2000/XP unless otherwise noted).

For most of the following software, you'll be downloading one file. This file is the install program. When you run this install program, it will allow you to choose some options, and then it will install the final set of files upon your computer. After installation, you can delete this (install) program that you've downloaded (or keep it somewhere in case you have to reinstall the software later).

Rexx Interpreter

A REXX interpreter is the software that actually runs your REXX script. You definitely need a REXX interpreter installed upon your system in order to utilize REXX in any way, whether it be creating and running your own REXX scripts, or running REXX scripts created by others.

Reginald REXX Interpreter

A free REXX interpreter maintained by Jeff Glatt, based upon GNU-licensed code originally written by Anders Christensen. This is a self-installing version. It (ie, REGLITE.EXE) installs the entire package so that you merely double-click upon any REXX script and it will run.

REXX Tools

REXX Programmer Center

A free Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for REXX. It features a configurable text editor specially designed to write REXX scripts, with REXX syntax color-highlighting, and mouse/menu/toolbar support. Also features a resource editor to quickly and easily create a graphical user interface for your script. Has a built-in debugger that highlights each source line in the editor as you debug your script. Detailed, searchable, online reference books. Highlight any function name or keyword and press F1 to bring up the appropriate page. Dockable windows, and more. Requires the Reginald REXX interpreter, and the REXX GUI add-on below.

REXXCNTR.ZIP is a ZIP file. Simply unzip the contents to the same folder where you installed Reginald, and run RexxCenter.exe (or create a shortcut to it). For the online documentation, download any of the ZIP files under "REXX Documentation" below, and unzip the contents into the same directory where you installed REXX Programmer Center.

Also available for Programmer Center is a Language pack containing DLLs to add syntax-color highlighting for the C, Basic, and Java computer languages, or HTML files.

REXX Function Libraries

A function library adds optional, new "functions" that a REXX program can call just as if they were built-in functions. These libraries extend the capabilities of REXX.


Allows a REXX script to create its own graphical user interface, opening windows with mouse support, menus, sliders, list boxes, buttons, etc. REXX Programmer Center's resource editor creates scripts that require this add-on.

Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) Add-on

Allows a REXX script to access databases over a network.

RexxInet (Internet)

Allows a script to download/upload files and web pages over the internet or a local area network. This add-on is a lot easier than RexxSock (for TCP/IP networks such as the internet).


Allows a REXX script running upon one computer to exchange data with another computer. Supports TCP/IP protocol (and therefore can be used to connect to and transfer data over the internet, as well as a LAN).


Support for downloading images from digital cameras and scanners.


Allows a REXX script to read/write/modify MIDI files. In order to use this add-on, you must first download and install the MidiFile DLL and GenMidi DLL.


Simple MIDI Input and Output.

REXX Speech

Allows a REXX script to use a synthesized voice to speak text through the computer's sound card. This has the advantage of easily and efficiently providing audible instructions to visually impaired users without needing to resort to creating your own WAVE files (of a voice speaking those instructions). You can simply speak text directly through the sound card as easily as you would otherwise SAY it in a console window.

Transcendental Math

Offers some transcendental math functions (ie, sine, cosine, tangent, etc).

RxZip Add-on

Allows a REXX script to create a ZIP (compressed) archive.

RxUnzip Add-on

Allows a REXX script to extract the contents of a ZIP archive.

Regular Expressions

Offers a function to use "regular expressions" to parse (ie, break up) a value into individual pieces. This is a ZIP file containing the REXXRE.DLL reworked to support both Reginald and Regina, and some REXX scripts to alter the original sources from Patrick McPhee (which support only the Regina interpreter).

RxComm Serial Add-on

Allows a REXX script to access serial (COM) ports, and adjust settings such as baud rate, stop bits, parity, etc.


Converts a standard C "float" datatype in IEEE754 32-bit format to a REXX number.

REXX Documentation

The REXX Language

Explains how to write your own REXX programs. It is written in simple, straightforward (and at times, amusing) language, with snippets of REXX scripts to illustrate concepts. A good introduction to REXX for the beginning REXX programmer.

REXX GUI programming

Explains how to use the REXX GUI add-on, and how to use REXX Programmer Center's resource editor.

RxMidi programming

Explains how to use the RxMidi add-on.

RxMidiIo programming

Explains how to use the RxMidiIo add-on.

RxTwain programming

Explains how to use the RxTwain add-on.

Speech programming

Explains how to use the REXX Speech add-on.

Using Reginald with ODBC

Explains how to use Reginald's Open DataBase Connectivity (ODBC) add-on.

Using Reginald with a CGI

A tutorial on how to use Reginald with a Common Gateway Interface (running on a Windows server) to respond to some form on a web page and return the contents of a web page.

RexxSock programming

Explains how to use the RexxSock add-on.

Using Reginald to access the internet

Explains how to use the REXX Internet add-on.

Using mailslots

A tutorial, and examples, to show how to use Mailslots. A Mailslot is a very easy way for two or more networked computers to exchange data.

Rexx Math

Documentation for the Transcendental Math add-on.

RxZip programming

Explains how to use the RxZip add-on.

RxUnzip programming

Explains how to use the RxUnzip add-on.

REXX Scripts

Various test/example REXX scripts are available upon the REXX Scripts page.