Revisions List

 X  TABLES        Tables
 X  FIGURES       Figures
 X  FRONT_2.1     IBM Extensions
 X  FRONT_2.3     How to Read the Syntax Diagrams
 X  FRONT_3.2     Third Edition (August 1998)
 X  FRONT_3.3     Second Edition (April 1998)
 X  1.1           Characters
 X  1.1.1         Character-Strings
 X       COBOL Words with Multi-Byte Characters
 X       User-Defined Words
 X       System-Names
 X       Reserved Words
 X  1.1.2         Figurative Constants
 X  1.1.3         Special Registers
 X       LENGTH OF
 X      TALLY
 X  1.1.4         Literals
 X       Nonnumeric Literals
 X       Numeric Literals
 X     Rules for Floating-point Literal Values:
 X       DBCS Literals
 X     When DBCS Literals are Allowed
 X     When DBCS Literals are Not Allowed
 X       Comments
 X  1.1.5         Separators
 X       Rules for Separators
 X  1.3.3         Area A
 X       End Program, End Class, and End Method Headers
 X       Continuation Lines
 X       Comment Lines
 X       Compiler-Directing Statements
 X       Compiler Directives (Workstation Only)
 X  1.4.1         Types of Names
 X  1.4.2         External and Internal Resources
 X  1.4.3         Resolution of Names
 X       Data Attribute Specification
 X       Identical Names
 X       References to COPY Libraries
 X       Subscripting
 X     Subscripting Using Index-Names (Indexing)
 X     Relative Subscripting
 X       Reference Modification
 X  1.6           Transfer of Control
 X  1.7           Millennium Language Extensions and Date Fields
 X  1.7.1         Millennium Language Extensions Syntax
 X  1.7.2         Terms and Concepts
 X       Date Field
 X     Windowed Date Field
 X     Expanded Date Field
 X     Date Format
 X     Compatible Date Field
 X       Non-Date
 X       Century Window
 X  2.1           COBOL Program Structure
 X  2.2           COBOL Class Definition Structure
 X  2.3           COBOL Method Definition Structure
 X  3.1           Identification Division
 X  3.1.1         PROGRAM-ID Paragraph
 X  3.1.2         CLASS-ID Paragraph
 X       General Rules
 X       Inheritance
 X       Multiple Inheritance
 X  3.1.3         METHOD-ID Paragraph
 X       General Rules
 X  3.1.4         Optional Paragraphs
 X  4.1           Configuration Section
 X  4.1.2         OBJECT-COMPUTER Paragraph
 X  4.1.3         SPECIAL-NAMES Paragraph
 X  4.1.4         ALPHABET Clause
 X  4.1.5         SYMBOLIC CHARACTERS Clause
 X  4.1.6         CLASS Clause
 X  4.1.7         CURRENCY SIGN Clause
 X  4.1.8         REPOSITORY Paragraph
 X       General Rules
 X       Identifying and Referencing the Class
 X  4.2           Input-Output Section
 X  4.2.1         FILE-CONTROL Paragraph
 X       AIX, OS/2, and Windows Syntax
 X  4.2.4         RESERVE Clause
 X  4.2.5         ORGANIZATION Clause
 X     Line Sequential Organization (Workstation Only)
 X     Language Elements Treated as Comments (Workstation Only)
 X  4.2.6         PADDING CHARACTER Clause
 X  4.2.7         RECORD DELIMITER Clause
 X  4.2.8         ACCESS MODE Clause
 X       Relationship Between Data Organizations and Access Modes
 X  4.2.9         RECORD KEY Clause
 X  4.2.10        ALTERNATE RECORD KEY Clause
 X  4.2.11        RELATIVE KEY Clause
 X  4.2.12        PASSWORD Clause
 X  4.2.13        LOCK MODE Clause (OS/2 VSAM Files Only)
 X      Other Statements Affecting Record Locking
 X  4.2.14        FILE STATUS Clause
 X  4.2.15        I-O-CONTROL Paragraph
 X  4.2.16        RERUN Clause
 X  4.2.18        SAME RECORD AREA Clause
 X  4.2.22        APPLY WRITE-ONLY Clause
 X  5.1           Data Division Overview
 X  5.1.1         File Section
 X  5.1.2         Working-Storage Section
 X  5.1.3         Local-Storage Section
 X  5.1.4         Linkage Section
 X       Levels of Data in a Record Description Entry
 X       Classes and Categories of Data
 X       Alignment Rules
 X       Character-String and Item Size
 X  5.2           Data Division--File Description Entries
 X  5.2.4         BLOCK CONTAINS Clause
 X  5.2.5         RECORD Clause
 X       Format 1
 X       Format 2
 X       Format 3
 X  5.2.6         LABEL RECORDS Clause
 X  5.2.7         VALUE OF Clause
 X  5.2.8         DATA RECORDS Clause
 X  5.2.9         LINAGE Clause
 X  5.2.10        RECORDING MODE Clause
 X      Under OS/390 and VM
 X      Under AIX, OS/2, and Windows
 X  5.2.11        CODE-SET Clause
 X  5.3.5         BLANK WHEN ZERO Clause
 X  5.3.6         DATE FORMAT Clause
 X       Semantics of Windowed Date Fields
 X       Restrictions On Using Date Fields
 X     Combining the DATE FORMAT Clause with Other Clauses
 X     Group Items That Are Date Fields
 X     Language Elements That Treat Date Fields As Non-Dates
 X     Language Elements That Do Not Accept Windowed Date Fields As Arguments
 X     Language Elements That Do Not Accept Date Fields As Arguments
 X  5.3.7         EXTERNAL Clause
 X  5.3.8         GLOBAL Clause
 X  5.3.9         JUSTIFIED Clause
 X      INDEXED BY Phrase
 X      Variable-Length Tables
 X  5.3.11        PICTURE Clause
 X      Symbols Used in the PICTURE Clause
 X    Currency Symbol
 X      Character-String Representation
 X      Data Categories and PICTURE Rules
 X    Numeric Items
 X    DBCS Items
 X    External Floating-point Items
 X      PICTURE Clause Editing
 X      Simple Insertion Editing
 X      Special Insertion Editing
 X  5.3.12        REDEFINES Clause
 X  5.3.13        RENAMES Clause
 X  5.3.14        SIGN Clause
 X  5.3.15        SYNCHRONIZED Clause
 X      Slack Bytes within Records
 X  5.3.16        USAGE Clause
 X      Computational Items
 X      DISPLAY Phrase
 X      DISPLAY-1 Phrase
 X      INDEX Phrase
 X      POINTER Phrase
 X      NATIVE Phrase
 X  5.3.17        VALUE Clause
 X      Format 1
 X      Format 2
 X    Rules for Condition-Name Values:
 X      Format 3
 X  6.1           Procedure Division Structure
 X  6.1.1         Requirements for a Method Procedure Division
 X  6.1.2         The Procedure Division Header
 X  6.1.3         Declaratives
 X  6.1.4         Procedures
 X       Arithmetic with Date Fields
 X     Addition Involving Date Fields
 X     Subtraction Involving Date Fields
 X     Storing Arithmetic Results That Involve Date Fields
 X       Class Condition
 X       Condition-Name Condition
 X     Condition-Name Conditions and Windowed Date Field Comparisons
 X       Relation Condition
 X     Date Fields
 X     DBCS Items
 X     Pointer Data Items
 X     Procedure-Pointer Data Items
 X     Object Reference Data Items
 X     Comparing Numeric Operands
 X     Comparing Nonnumeric Operands
 X     Comparing Numeric and Nonnumeric Operands
 X     Comparing Index-Names and Index Data Items
 X     Comparison of DBCS Operands
 X       Sign Condition
 X     Date Fields in Sign Conditions
 X    Using Parentheses
 X       Imperative Statements
 X       Conditional Statements
 X       Explicit Scope Terminators
 X       ROUNDED Phrase
 X       SIZE ERROR Phrases
 X     Size of Operands
 X     Status Key
 X     Invalid Key Condition
 X     File Position Indicator
 X       Data Transfer
 X       System Information Transfer
 X  6.2.2         ADD Statement
 X  6.2.3         ALTER Statement
 X  6.2.4         CALL Statement
 X       USING Phrase
 X       BY REFERENCE Phrase
 X       BY CONTENT Phrase
 X       BY VALUE Phrase
 X       RETURNING Phrase
 X  6.2.5         CANCEL Statement
 X  6.2.6         CLOSE Statement
 X       Effect of CLOSE Statement on File Types
 X  6.2.7         COMPUTE Statement
 X       Random or Dynamic Access Mode
 X  6.2.10        DISPLAY Statement
 X  6.2.11        DIVIDE Statement
 X      REMAINDER Phrase
 X  6.2.12        ENTRY Statement
 X      USING Phrase
 X  6.2.13        EVALUATE Statement
 X  6.2.14        EXIT Statement
 X  6.2.15        EXIT METHOD Statement
 X  6.2.16        EXIT PROGRAM Statement
 X  6.2.17        GOBACK Statement
 X      Unconditional GO TO
 X      Conditional GO TO
 X      Altered GO TO
 X      MORE-Labels GO TO
 X  6.2.19        IF Statement
 X  6.2.20        INITIALIZE Statement
 X      REPLACING Phrase
 X      INITIALIZE Statement Rules
 X  6.2.21        INSPECT Statement
 X      Effect of DBCS
 X      TALLYING Phrase (Formats 1 and 3)
 X      REPLACING Phrase (Formats 2 and 3)
 X      BEFORE and AFTER Phrases (All Formats)
 X      CONVERTING Phrase (Format 4)
 X      Data Types for Identifiers and Literals
 X  6.2.22        INVOKE Statement
 X      USING Phrase
 X      BY REFERENCE Phrase
 X      BY CONTENT Phrase
 X      BY VALUE Phrase
 X      Conformance Requirements for USING Phrase
 X      RETURNING Phrase
 X      ON EXCEPTION Phrase
 X      END-INVOKE Phrase
 X     INVOKE Parameter Type Conformance--Example
 X  6.2.23        MERGE Statement
 X      MERGE Special Registers
 X  6.2.24        MOVE Statement
 X      Elementary Moves
 X    Moves Involving Date Fields
 X  6.2.25        MULTIPLY Statement
 X  6.2.26        OPEN Statement
 X      General Rules
 X      OPEN Statement Notes
 X      Basic PERFORM Statement
 X      PERFORM with TIMES Phrase
 X      PERFORM with UNTIL Phrase
 X      PERFORM with VARYING Phrase
 X  6.2.28        READ Statement
 X      KEY IS Phrase
 X      AT END Phrases
 X      INVALID KEY Phrases
 X    Sequential Files
 X    Indexed or Relative Files
 X  6.2.29        RELEASE Statement
 X  6.2.30        RETURN Statement
 X  6.2.31        REWRITE Statement
 X      Effect of Record Locking (OS/2 VSAM Files Only)
 X      Indexed Files
 X      Relative Files
 X  6.2.32        SEARCH Statement
 X      VARYING Phrase
 X      Binary Search
 X      WHEN Phrase (Binary Search)
 X  6.2.33        SET Statement
 X      Format 1: SET for Basic Table Handling
 X      Format 2: SET for Adjusting Indexes
 X      Format 5: SET for USAGE IS POINTER Data Items
 X      Format 6: SET for USAGE IS PROCEDURE-POINTER Data Items
 X    Example of COBOL/C Interoperability (OS/390)
 X      Format 7: SET for USAGE OBJECT REFERENCE Data Items
 X  6.2.34        SORT Statement
 X      SORT Special Registers
 X      KEY Phrase
 X      INVALID KEY Phrases
 X      Effect of Record Locking (OS/2 VSAM Files Only)
 X      Indexed Files
 X  6.2.36        STOP Statement
 X  6.2.37        STRING Statement
 X      INTO Phrase
 X      POINTER Phrase
 X  6.2.38        SUBTRACT Statement
 X  6.2.39        UNSTRING Statement
 X      DELIMITED BY Phrase
 X      INTO Phrase
 X      POINTER Phrase
 X  6.2.40        WRITE Statement
 X      ADVANCING Phrase
 X    ADVANCING Phrase Rules
 X      END-OF-PAGE Phrases
 X      INVALID KEY Phrases
 X      Effect of Record Locking (OS/2 VSAM Files Only)
 X    Punch Function Files with the IBM 3525
 X  7.1.1         Specifying a Function
 X       Arguments
 X  7.1.2         Function Definitions
 X  7.1.7         CHAR
 X  7.1.10        DATE-OF-INTEGER
 X  7.1.11        DATE-TO-YYYYMMDD
 X      Example
 X  7.1.12        DATEVAL
 X  7.1.13        DAY-OF-INTEGER
 X  7.1.14        DAY-TO-YYYYDDD
 X      Example
 X  7.1.17        INTEGER-OF-DATE
 X  7.1.18        INTEGER-OF-DAY
 X  7.1.20        LENGTH
 X  7.1.24        MAX
 X  7.1.28        MIN
 X  7.1.31        NUMVAL-C
 X  7.1.33        ORD-MAX
 X  7.1.34        ORD-MIN
 X  7.1.45        UNDATE
 X  7.1.49        YEAR-TO-YYYY
 X      Example
 X  7.1.50        YEARWINDOW
 X  8.1.1         BASIS Statement
 X  8.1.2         CBL (PROCESS) Statement
 X  8.1.3         *CONTROL (*CBL) Statement
 X       Source Code Listing
 X       Object Code Listing
 X       Storage Map Listing
 X  8.1.4         COPY Statement
 X       SUPPRESS Phrase
 X       REPLACING Phrase
 X       Replacement and Comparison Rules
 X  8.1.5         DELETE Statement
 X  8.1.6         EJECT Statement
 X  8.1.8         INSERT Statement
 X  8.1.9         READY or RESET TRACE Statement
 X  8.1.10        REPLACE Statement
 X      Comparison Operation
 X      REPLACE Statement Notes
 X  8.1.11        SERVICE LABEL Statement
 X  8.1.12        SERVICE RELOAD Statement
 X  8.1.13        SKIP1/2/3 Statements
 X  8.1.14        TITLE Statement
 X  8.1.15        USE Statement
 X      EXCEPTION/ERROR Declarative
 X      LABEL Declarative
 X      DEBUGGING Declarative
 X  8.2           Compiler Directives
 X  8.2.1         CALLINTERFACE
 X       Syntax and General Rules
 X       Difference Between the Directive and Compiler Option
 X     Precedence of Sub Options
 |  FRONT_3.1     Fourth Edition (November 1998)
 |     Year-Last Date Field
 |  5.3.6         DATE FORMAT Clause
 |       Semantics of Windowed Date Fields
 |     Date Trigger Values (Host Only)
 |     Combining the DATE FORMAT Clause with Other Clauses
 |     Group Items That Are Date Fields
 |     Language Elements That Do Not Accept Windowed Date Fields As Arguments
 |      Format 2
 |       Arithmetic with Date Fields
 |     Storing Arithmetic Results That Involve Date Fields
 |     Date Fields
 |  6.2.2         ADD Statement
 |  6.2.7         COMPUTE Statement
 |    Moves Involving Date Fields
 |  6.2.38        SUBTRACT Statement
 |  7.1.12        DATEVAL

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