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FRONT_2.4 DBCS Notation

>_Host_> Double-Byte Character Strings (DBCS) in literals, comments, and user-defined words are delimited by shift-out and shift-in characters. In this manual, the shift-out delimiter is represented pictorially by the < character, and the shift-in character is represented pictorially by the > character. The EBCDIC codes for the shift-out and shift-in delimiters are X'0E' and X'0F', respectively.

The <> symbol denotes contiguous shift-out and shift-in characters. The >< symbol denotes contiguous shift-in and shift-out characters.

Double-byte characters are represented in this form: D1D2D3. EBCDIC characters in double-byte form are represented in this form:.A.B.C. The dots separating the letters represent the hexadecimal value X'42'. <_Host_<

>_Workstation_> Under AIX, OS/2, and Windows, you do not delimit DBCS character strings by shift-in or shift-out characters. <_Workstation_<

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