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APPENDIX1.4 Appendix D. Reserved Words

This list identifies all reserved words in the COBOL for OS/390 & VM, COBOL Set for AIX, and VisualAge COBOL products. It also identifies words that are reserved in the COBOL 85 Standard (which are not reserved in the IBM COBOL products), and words reserved for future development.

Note: You can change which reserved word table is used by using the WORD compiler option. For details, on how to specify an alternate reserved word table, see the IBM COBOL Programming Guide for your platform.

 Table 58. Reserved Words                                               
 Reserved Word                                 
 ACCEPT                                            X       
 ACCESS                                            X       
 ADD                                               X       
 ADDRESS                                           X       
 ADVANCING                                         X       
 AFTER                                             X       
 ALL                                               X       
 ALLOWING                                             X  
 ALPHABET                                          X       
 ALPHABETIC                                        X       
 ALPHABETIC-LOWER                                  X       
 ALPHABETIC-UPPER                                  X       
 ALPHANUMERIC                                      X       
 ALPHANUMERIC-EDITED                               X       
 ALSO                                              X       
 ALTER                                             X       
 ALTERNATE                                         X       
 AND                                               X       
 ANY                                               X       
 APPLY                                             X       
 ARE                                               X       
 AREA                                              X       
 AREAS                                             X       
 ARITHMETIC                                           X  
 ASCENDING                                         X       
 ASSIGN                                            X       
 AT                                                X       
 AUTHOR                                            X       
 AUTOMATIC (1)                                     X       
 B-AND                                                X  
 B-EXOR                                               X  
 B-LESS                                               X  
 B-NOT                                                X  
 B-OR                                                 X  
 BASIS                                             X       
 BEFORE                                            X       
 BEGINNING                                         X       
 BINARY                                            X       
 BIT                                                  X  
 BITS                                                 X  
 BLANK                                             X       
 BLOCK                                             X       
 BOOLEAN                                              X  
 BOTTOM                                            X       
 BY                                                X       
 CALL                                              X       
 CANCEL                                            X       
 CBL                                               X       
 CD                                                    X      
 CF                                                    X      
 CH                                                    X      
 CHARACTER                                         X       
 CHARACTERS                                        X       
 CLASS                                             X       
 CLASS-ID                                          X       
 CLOCK-UNITS                                           X      
 CLOSE                                             X       
 COBOL                                             X       
 CODE                                              X       
 CODE-SET                                          X       
 COLLATING                                         X       
 COLUMN                                                X      
 COM-REG                                           X       
 COMMA                                             X       
 COMMIT                                               X  
 COMMON                                            X       
 COMMUNICATION                                         X      
 COMP                                              X       
 COMP-1                                            X       
 COMP-2                                            X       
 COMP-3                                            X       
 COMP-4                                            X       
 COMP-5 (1)                                        X       X(2)
 COMP-6                                               X  
 COMP-7                                               X  
 COMP-8                                               X  
 COMP-9                                               X  
 COMPUTATIONAL                                     X       
 COMPUTATIONAL-1                                   X       
 COMPUTATIONAL-2                                   X       
 COMPUTATIONAL-3                                   X       
 COMPUTATIONAL-4                                   X       
 COMPUTATIONAL-5 (1)                               X       X(2)
 COMPUTATIONAL-6                                      X  
 COMPUTATIONAL-7                                      X  
 COMPUTATIONAL-8                                      X  
 COMPUTATIONAL-9                                      X  
 COMPUTE                                           X       
 CONFIGURATION                                     X       
 CONNECT                                              X  
 CONTAINED                                            X  
 CONTAINS                                          X       
 CONTENT                                           X       
 CONTINUE                                          X       
 CONTROL                                               X      
 CONTROLS                                              X      
 CONVERTING                                        X       
 COPY                                              X       
 CORR                                              X       
 CORRESPONDING                                     X       
 COUNT                                             X       
 CURRENCY                                          X       
 CURRENT                                              X  
 CYCLE                                                X  
 DATA                                              X       
 DATE                                              X       
 DATE-COMPILED                                     X       
 DATE-WRITTEN                                      X       
 DAY                                               X       
 DAY-OF-WEEK                                       X       
 DB                                                   X  
 DB-ACCESS-CONTROL-KEY                                X  
 DB-DATA-NAME                                         X  
 DB-EXCEPTION                                         X  
 DB-RECORD-NAME                                       X  
 DB-SET-NAME                                          X  
 DB-STATUS                                            X  
 DBCS                                              X       
 DE                                                    X      
 DEBUG-CONTENTS                                    X       
 DEBUG-ITEM                                        X       
 DEBUG-LINE                                        X       
 DEBUG-NAME                                        X       
 DEBUG-SUB-1                                       X       
 DEBUG-SUB-2                                       X       
 DEBUG-SUB-3                                       X       
 DEBUGGING                                         X       
 DECIMAL-POINT                                     X       
 DECLARATIVES                                      X       
 DEFAULT                                              X  
 DELETE                                            X       
 DELIMITED                                         X       
 DELIMITER                                         X       
 DEPENDING                                         X       
 DESCENDING                                        X       
 DESTINATION                                           X      
 DETAIL                                                X      
 DISABLE                                              X  
 DISCONNECT                                           X  
 DISPLAY                                           X       
 DISPLAY-1                                         X       
 DISPLAY-2                                            X  
 DISPLAY-3                                            X  
 DISPLAY-4                                            X  
 DISPLAY-5                                            X  
 DISPLAY-6                                            X  
 DISPLAY-7                                            X  
 DISPLAY-8                                            X  
 DISPLAY-9                                            X  
 DIVIDE                                            X       
 DIVISION                                          X       
 DOWN                                              X       
 DUPLICATE                                            X  
 DUPLICATES                                        X       
 DYNAMIC                                           X       
 EGCS                                              X       
 EGI                                                   X      
 EJECT                                             X       
 ELSE                                              X       
 EMI                                                   X      
 EMPTY                                                X  
 ENABLE                                                X      
 END                                               X       
 END-ADD                                           X       
 END-CALL                                          X       
 END-COMPUTE                                       X       
 END-DELETE                                        X       
 END-DISABLE                                          X  
 END-DIVIDE                                        X       
 END-ENABLE                                           X  
 END-EVALUATE                                      X       
 END-IF                                            X       
 END-INVOKE                                        X       
 END-MULTIPLY                                      X       
 END-OF-PAGE                                       X       
 END-PERFORM                                       X       
 END-READ                                          X       
 END-RECEIVE                                           X      
 END-RETURN                                        X       
 END-REWRITE                                       X       
 END-SEARCH                                        X       
 END-SEND                                             X  
 END-START                                         X       
 END-STRING                                        X       
 END-SUBTRACT                                      X       
 END-TRANSCEIVE                                       X  
 END-UNSTRING                                      X       
 END-WRITE                                         X       
 ENDING                                            X       
 ENTER                                             X       
 ENTRY                                             X       
 ENVIRONMENT                                       X       
 EOP                                               X       
 EQUAL                                             X       
 EQUALS                                               X  
 ERASE                                                X  
 ERROR                                             X       
 ESI                                                   X      
 EVALUATE                                          X       
 EVERY                                             X       
 EXACT                                                X  
 EXCEEDS                                              X  
 EXCEPTION                                         X       
 EXCLUSIVE                                            X  
 EXIT                                              X       
 EXTEND                                            X       
 EXTERNAL                                          X       
 FALSE                                             X       
 FD                                                X       
 FETCH                                                X  
 FILE                                              X       
 FILE-CONTROL                                      X       
 FILLER                                            X       
 FINAL                                                 X      
 FIND                                                 X  
 FINISH                                               X  
 FIRST                                             X       
 FOOTING                                           X       
 FOR                                               X       
 FORM                                                 X  
 FORMAT                                            X       
 FREE                                                 X  
 FROM                                              X       
 FUNCTION                                          X       
 GENERATE                                              X      
 GET                                                  X  
 GIVING                                            X       
 GLOBAL                                            X       
 GO                                                X       
 GOBACK                                            X       
 GREATER                                           X       
 GROUP                                                 X      
 HEADING                                               X      
 HIGH-VALUE                                        X       
 HIGH-VALUES                                       X       
 I-O                                               X       
 I-O-CONTROL                                       X       
 ID                                                X       
 IDENTIFICATION                                    X       
 IF                                                X       
 IN                                                X       
 INDEX                                             X       
 INDEX-1                                              X  
 INDEX-2                                              X  
 INDEX-3                                              X  
 INDEX-4                                              X  
 INDEX-5                                              X  
 INDEX-6                                              X  
 INDEX-7                                              X  
 INDEX-8                                              X  
 INDEX-9                                              X  
 INDEXED                                           X       
 INDICATE                                              X      
 INHERITS                                          X       
 INITIAL                                           X       
 INITIALIZE                                        X       
 INITIATE                                              X      
 INPUT                                             X       
 INPUT-OUTPUT                                      X       
 INSERT                                            X       
 INSPECT                                           X       
 INSTALLATION                                      X       
 INTO                                              X       
 INVALID                                           X       
 INVOKE                                            X       
 IS                                                X       
 JUST                                              X       
 JUSTIFIED                                         X       
 KANJI                                             X       
 KEEP                                                 X  
 KEY                                               X       
 LABEL                                             X       
 LAST                                                  X      
 LD                                                   X  
 LEADING                                           X       
 LEFT                                              X       
 LENGTH                                            X       
 LESS                                              X       
 LIMIT                                                 X      
 LIMITS                                                X      
 LINAGE                                            X       
 LINAGE-COUNTER                                    X       
 LINE                                              X       
 LINE-COUNTER                                          X      
 LINES                                             X       
 LINKAGE                                           X       
 LOCALLY                                              X  
 LOCAL-STORAGE                                     X       
 LOCK                                              X       
 LOW-VALUE                                         X       
 LOW-VALUES                                        X       
 MEMBER                                               X  
 MEMORY                                            X       
 MERGE                                             X       
 MESSAGE                                               X      
 METACLASS                                         X       
 METHOD                                            X       
 METHOD-ID                                         X       
 MODE                                              X       
 MODIFY                                               X  
 MODULES                                           X       
 MORE-LABELS                                       X       
 MOVE                                              X       
 MULTIPLE                                          X       
 MULTIPLY                                          X       
 NATIVE                                            X       
 NEGATIVE                                          X       
 NEXT                                              X       
 NO                                                X       
 NORMAL                                               X  
 NOT                                               X       
 NULL                                              X       
 NULLS                                             X       
 NUMBER                                                X      
 NUMERIC                                           X       
 NUMERIC-EDITED                                    X       
 OBJECT                                            X       
 OBJECT-COMPUTER                                   X       
 OCCURS                                            X       
 OF                                                X       
 OFF                                               X       
 OMITTED                                           X       
 ON                                                X       
 ONLY                                                 X  
 OPEN                                              X       
 OPTIONAL                                          X       
 OR                                                X       
 ORDER                                             X       
 ORGANIZATION                                      X       
 OTHER                                             X       
 OUTPUT                                            X       
 OVERFLOW                                          X       
 OVERRIDE                                          X       
 OWNER                                                X  
 PACKED-DECIMAL                                    X       
 PADDING                                           X       
 PAGE                                              X       
 PAGE-COUNTER                                          X      
 PARAGRAPH                                            X  
 PASSWORD                                          X       
 PERFORM                                           X       
 PF                                                    X      
 PH                                                    X      
 PIC                                               X       
 PICTURE                                           X       
 PLUS                                                  X      
 POINTER                                           X       
 POSITION                                          X       
 POSITIVE                                          X       
 PRESENT                                              X  
 PREVIOUS (1)                                      X       X(2)
 PRINTING                                              X      
 PRIOR                                                X  
 PROCEDURE                                         X       
 PROCEDURE-POINTER                                 X       
 PROCEDURES                                        X       
 PROCEED                                           X       
 PROCESSING                                        X       
 PROGRAM                                           X       
 PROGRAM-ID                                        X       
 PROTECTED                                            X  
 PURGE                                                 X      
 QUEUE                                                 X      
 QUOTE                                             X       
 QUOTES                                            X       
 RANDOM                                            X       
 RD                                                    X      
 READ                                              X       
 READY                                             X       
 REALM                                                X  
 RECEIVE                                               X      
 RECONNECT                                            X  
 RECORD                                            X       
 RECORD-NAME                                          X  
 RECORDING                                         X       
 RECORDS                                           X       
 RECURSIVE                                         X       
 REDEFINES                                         X       
 REEL                                              X       
 REFERENCE                                         X       
 REFERENCES                                        X       
 RELATION                                             X  
 RELATIVE                                          X       
 RELEASE                                           X       
 RELOAD                                            X       
 REMAINDER                                         X       
 REMOVAL                                           X       
 RENAMES                                           X       
 REPEATED                                             X  
 REPLACE                                           X       
 REPLACING                                         X       
 REPORT                                                X      
 REPORTING                                             X      
 REPORTS                                               X      
 REPOSITORY                                        X       
 RERUN                                             X       
 RESERVE                                           X       
 RESET                                             X       
 RETAINING                                            X  
 RETRIEVAL                                            X  
 RETURN                                            X       
 RETURN-CODE                                       X       
 RETURNING                                         X       
 REVERSED                                          X       
 REWIND                                            X       
 REWRITE                                           X       
 RF                                                    X      
 RH                                                    X      
 RIGHT                                             X       
 ROLLBACK                                             X  
 ROUNDED                                           X       
 RUN                                               X       
 SAME                                              X       
 SD                                                X       
 SEARCH                                            X       
 SECTION                                           X       
 SECURITY                                          X       
 SEGMENT                                               X      
 SEGMENT-LIMIT                                     X       
 SELECT                                            X       
 SELF                                              X       
 SEND                                                  X      
 SENTENCE                                          X       
 SEPARATE                                          X       
 SEQUENCE                                          X       
 SEQUENTIAL                                        X       
 SERVICE                                           X       
 SESSION-ID                                           X  
 SET                                               X       
 SHARED                                               X  
 SHIFT-IN                                          X       
 SHIFT-OUT                                         X       
 SIGN                                              X       
 SIZE                                              X       
 SKIP1                                             X       
 SKIP2                                             X       
 SKIP3                                             X       
 SORT                                              X       
 SORT-CONTROL                                      X       
 SORT-CORE-SIZE                                    X       
 SORT-FILE-SIZE                                    X       
 SORT-MERGE                                        X       
 SORT-MESSAGE                                      X       
 SORT-MODE-SIZE                                    X       
 SORT-RETURN                                       X       
 SOURCE                                                X      
 SOURCE-COMPUTER                                   X       
 SPACE                                             X       
 SPACES                                            X       
 SPECIAL-NAMES                                     X       
 STANDARD                                          X       
 STANDARD-1                                        X       
 STANDARD-2                                        X       
 STANDARD-3                                           X  
 STANDARD-4                                           X  
 START                                             X       
 STATUS                                            X       
 STOP                                              X       
 STORE                                                X  
 STRING                                            X       
 SUB-QUEUE-1                                           X      
 SUB-QUEUE-2                                           X      
 SUB-QUEUE-3                                           X      
 SUB-SCHEMA                                           X  
 SUBTRACT                                          X       
 SUM                                               X       
 SUPER                                             X       
 SUPPRESS                                          X       
 SYMBOLIC                                          X       
 SYNC                                              X       
 SYNCHRONIZED                                      X       
 TABLE                                                 X      
 TALLY                                             X       
 TALLYING                                          X       
 TAPE                                              X       
 TENANT                                               X  
 TERMINAL                                              X      
 TERMINATE                                             X      
 TEST                                              X       
 TEXT                                                  X      
 THAN                                              X       
 THEN                                              X       
 THROUGH                                           X       
 THRU                                              X       
 TIME                                              X       
 TIMEOUT                                              X  
 TIMES                                             X       
 TITLE                                             X       
 TO                                                X       
 TOP                                               X       
 TRACE                                             X       
 TRAILING                                          X       
 TRANSCEIVE                                           X  
 TRUE                                              X       
 TYPE                                                  X      
 UNEQUAL                                              X  
 UNIT                                              X       
 UNSTRING                                          X       
 UNTIL                                             X       
 UP                                                X       
 UPDATE                                               X  
 UPON                                              X       
 USAGE                                             X       
 USAGE-MODE                                           X  
 USE                                               X       
 USING                                             X       
 VALID                                                X  
 VALIDATE                                             X  
 VALUE                                             X       
 VALUES                                            X       
 VARYING                                           X       
 WAIT                                                 X  
 WHEN                                              X       
 WHEN-COMPILED                                     X       
 WITH                                              X       
 WITHIN                                               X  
 WORDS                                             X       
 WORKING-STORAGE                                   X       
 WRITE                                             X       
 WRITE-ONLY                                        X       
 ZERO                                              X       
 ZEROES                                            X       
 ZEROS                                             X       
 <                                                 X       
 <=                                                X       
 +                                                 X       
 *                                                 X       
 **                                                X       
 -                                                 X       
 /                                                 X       
 >                                                 X       
 >=                                                X       
 =                                                 X       
 Note:   (1)  These words are reserved under AIX, OS/2, and Windows     
 (2) These words are reserved for future development (RFD) under OS/390 
 and VM only.                                                           

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