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APPENDIX1.3.2 Coding Debugging Sections

Debugging sections are only permitted in the outermost program; they are not valid in nested programs. Debugging sections are never triggered by procedures contained in nested programs.

Debugging sections are declarative procedures. Declarative procedures are described under "USE Statement" in topic 8.1.15. A debugging section can be invoked, for example, by a PERFORM statement that causes repeated execution of a procedure. Any associated procedure-name debugging declarative section is executed once for each repetition.

A debugging section executes only if both the compile-time switch and the object-time switch are activated.

The debug feature recognizes each separate occurrence of an imperative statement within an imperative statement as the beginning of a separate statement.

You cannot refer to a procedure defined within a debugging section in a statement outside of the debugging section.

References to the DEBUG-ITEM special register can be made only from within a debugging declarative procedure.

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