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X 8.1.3 *CONTROL (*CBL) Statement

X With the *CONTROL (or *CBL) statement, you can selectively display or
X suppress the listing of source code, object code, and storage maps
X throughout the source program.

 X  ___ Format _____________________________________________________________ 
 X |                                                                        |
 X |                   <______________                                      |
 X | >>__ _*CONTROL_ ____ _SOURCE___ _|__ ___ ___________________________>< |
 X |     |_*CBL_____|    |_NOSOURCE_|    |_._|                              |
 X |                     |_LIST_____|                                       |
 X |                     |_NOLIST___|                                       |
 X |                     |_MAP______|                                       |
 X |                     |_NOMAP____|                                       |
   |                                                                        |

X (For a complete discussion of the output produced by these options, see
X the IBM COBOL Programming Guide for your platform.)

X The *CONTROL and *CBL statements are synonymous. Whenever *CONTROL is
X used, *CBL is accepted as well.

X The characters *CONTROL or *CBL can start in any column beginning with
X column 7, followed by at least one space or comma and one or more option
X key words. The option key words must be separated by one or more spaces
X or commas. This statement must be the only statement on the line, and
X continuation is not allowed. The statement can be terminated with a
X period.

X The *CONTROL and *CBL statements must be embedded in a program source.
X For example, in the case of batch applications, the *CONTROL and *CBL
X statements must be placed between the PROCESS (CBL) statement and the end
X of the program (or END PROGRAM header, if specified).

X The source line containing the *CONTROL (*CBL) statement will not appear
X in the source listing.

X If an option is defined at installation as a fixed option, this fixed
X option takes precedence over all of the following:

X The requested options are handled in the following manner:

  1. X If an option or its negation appears more than once in a *CONTROL
    X statement, the last occurrence of the option word is used.
  2. X If the CORRESPONDING option has been requested as a parameter to the
    X compiler, then a *CONTROL statement with the negation of the option
    X word must precede the portions of the source program for which listing
    X output is to be inhibited. Listing output then resumes when a
    X *CONTROL statement with the affirmative option word is encountered.
  3. X If the negation of the CORRESPONDING option has been requested as a
    X parameter to the compiler, then that listing is always inhibited.
  4. X The *CONTROL statement is in effect only within the source program in
    X which it is written, including any contained programs. It does not
    X remain in effect across batch compiles of two or more COBOL source
    X programs.


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