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X 8.1.2 CBL (PROCESS) Statement

X With the CBL (PROCESS) statement, you can specify compiler options to be
X used in the compilation of the program. The CBL (PROCESS) statement is
X placed before the Identification Division header of an outermost program.

 X  ___ Format _____________________________________________________________ 
 X |                                                                        |
 X | >>__ _CBL_____ __ ______________ ___________________________________>< |
 X |     |_PROCESS_|  |_options-list_|                                      |
   |                                                                        |

X options-list

X A series of one or more compiler options, each one separated by a
X comma or a space.

X For more information on compiler options, see the IBM COBOL
X Programming Guide for your platform.

X The CBL (PROCESS) statement can be preceded by a sequence number in
X columns 1 through 6. The first character of the sequence number must be
X numeric, and CBL or PROCESS can begin in column 8 or after; if a sequence
X number is not specified, CBL or PROCESS can begin in column 1 or after.

X The CBL (PROCESS) statement must end before or at column 72, and options
X cannot be continued across multiple CBL (PROCESS) statements. However,
X you can use more than one CBL (PROCESS) statement. If you use multiple
X CBL (PROCESS) statements, they must follow one another with no intervening
X statements of any other type.

X The CBL (PROCESS) statement must be placed before any comment lines or
X other compiler-directing statements.

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