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The INTEGER-OF-DATE function converts a date in the Gregorian calendar from standard date form (YYYYMMDD) to integer date form.

The function type is integer.

The function result is a 7-digit integer with a range from 1 to 3,067,671.

    ___ Format _____________________________________________________________ 
   |                                                                        |
   | >>__FUNCTION INTEGER-OF-DATE__(argument-1)__________________________>< |
   |                                                                        |
Must be an integer of the form YYYYMMDD, whose value is obtained from the calculation (YYYY * 10,000) + (MM * 100) + DD.

The returned value is an integer that is the number of days the date represented by argument-1, succeeds December 31, 1600 in the Gregorian calendar.

X >_Host_> Under OS/390 and VM, the INTDATE compiler option affects the
X starting date for the integer date functions. For details, see the IBM
X COBOL for OS/390 & VM Programming Guide. <_Host_<

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