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X The DAY-TO-YYYYDDD function converts argument-1 from a date with a 2-digit
X year (YYnnn) to a date with a 4-digit year (YYYYnnn). Argument-2, when
X added to the year at the time of execution, defines the ending year of a
X 100-year interval, or sliding century window, into which the year of
X argument-1 falls.

X The function type is integer.

X If the DATEPROC compiler option is in effect, then the returned value is
X an expanded date field with implicit DATE FORMAT YYYYXXX.

 X  ___ Format _____________________________________________________________ 
 X |                                                                        |
 X | >>__FUNCTION DAY-TO-YYYYDDD__(argument-1_ ____________ _)___________>< |
 X |                                          |_argument-2_|                |
   |                                                                        |

X argument-1

X Must be zero or a positive integer less than 100,000.

X argument-2

X Must be an integer. If argument-2 is omitted, the function is
X evaluated assuming the value 50 was specified.

X The sum of the year at the time of execution and the value of argument-2
X must be less than 10,000 and greater than 1,699.


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