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X 6.2.12 ENTRY Statement

X The ENTRY statement establishes an alternate entry point into a COBOL
X called subprogram.

X The ENTRY statement cannot be used in:

X When a CALL statement naming the alternate entry point is executed in a
X calling program, control is transferred to the next executable statement
X following the ENTRY statement.

 X  ___ Format _____________________________________________________________ 
 X |                                                                        |
 X | >>___ENTRY__literal-1________________________________________________> |
   |                                                                        |
 X | >__ ____________________________________________________ __.________>< |
 X |    |        <_________________________________________  |              |
 X |    |                                  <____________   | |              |
 X |    |_USING_____ ___________________ ___identifier-1|__|_|              |
 X |                |_ ____ __REFERENCE_|                                   |
 X |                | |_BY_|            |                                   |
 X |                |_ ____ __VALUE_____|                                   |
 X |                  |_BY_|                                                |
   |                                                                        |

X literal

X Must be nonnumeric and conform to the rules for the formation of a
X program-name in the outermost program (see "PROGRAM-ID Paragraph" in
X topic 3.1.1).

X Must not match the program-id or any other ENTRY literal in this
X program.

X Must not be a figurative constant.

X Execution of the called program begins at the first executable statement
X following the ENTRY statement whose literal corresponds to the CALL
X statement literal or identifier.

X The entry point name on the ENTRY statement can be affected by the PGMNAME
X compiler option. For details, see the IBM COBOL Programming Guide for
X your platform.


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