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5.3.9 JUSTIFIED Clause

The JUSTIFIED clause overrides standard positioning rules for a receiving item of the alphabetic or alphanumeric categories.

    ___ Format _____________________________________________________________ 
   |                                                                        |
   | >>__ _JUSTIFIED_ __ _______ ________________________________________>< |
   |     |_JUST______|  |_RIGHT_|                                           |
   |                                                                        |
You can only specify the JUSTIFIED clause at the elementary level. JUST is an abbreviation for JUSTIFIED, and has the same meaning.

You cannot specify the JUSTIFIED clause:

When the JUSTIFIED clause is specified for a receiving item, the data is aligned at the rightmost character position in the receiving item. Also:

X The JUSTIFIED clause can be specified for a DBCS item (except edited DBCS
X items). When JUSTIFIED is specified for a receiving item, the data is
X aligned on the rightmost character position. If the sending item is
X larger than the receiving item, extra characters are truncated on the
X left. If the sending item is smaller than the receiving item, any unused
X positions on the left are filled with DBCS blanks.

If you omit the JUSTIFIED clause, the rules for standard alignment are followed (see "Alignment Rules" in topic

The JUSTIFIED clause does not affect initial settings, as determined by the VALUE clause.

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