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X 5.3.6 DATE FORMAT Clause

X The DATE FORMAT clause specifies that a data item is a windowed or
X expanded date field:

X Windowed date fields

X Contain a windowed (2-digit) year, specified by a DATE FORMAT
X clause containing YY.

X Expanded date fields

X Contain an expanded (4-digit) year, specified by a DATE FORMAT
X clause containing YYYY.

X If the NODATEPROC compiler option is in effect, the DATE FORMAT clause is
X syntax checked, but has no effect on the execution of the program.
X NODATEPROC disables date processing. The rules and restrictions described
X in this reference for the DATE FORMAT clause and date fields apply only if
X the DATEPROC compiler option is in effect.

 X  ___ Format _____________________________________________________________ 
 X |                                                                        |
 X | >>__DATE FORMAT__ ____ __date-pattern_______________________________>< |
 X |                  |_IS_|                                                |
   |                                                                        |

| The date-pattern is a character string, such as YYXXXX, representing a
| windowed or expanded year optionally followed or preceded by one through
| four characters representing other parts of a date, such as the month and
| day:

X Date-pattern string... Specifies that the data item contains...

A windowed (2-digit) year.

An expanded (4-digit) year.

| X
A single character; for example, a digit
| representing a semester or quarter (1-4).

Two characters; for example, digits
X representing a month (01-12).

Three characters; for example, digits
X representing a day of the year (001-366).

Four characters; for example, 2 digits
X representing a month (01-12) and 2 digits
X representing a day of the month (01-31).

X For an introduction to date fields and related terms, see "Millennium
X Language Extensions and Date Fields" in topic 1.7. For details on using
X date fields in applications, see the IBM COBOL Programming Guide for your
X platform, or the IBM COBOL Millennium Language Extensions Guide.


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