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5.2.3 GLOBAL Clause

The GLOBAL clause specifies that the file connector named by a file-name is a global name. A global file-name is available to the program that declares it and to every program that is contained directly or indirectly in that program.

A file-name is global if the GLOBAL clause is specified in the file description entry for that file-name. A record-name is global if the GLOBAL clause is specified in the record description entry by which the record-name is declared or, in the case of record description entries in the File Section, if the GLOBAL clause is specified in the file description entry for the file-name associated with the record description entry. (See the IBM COBOL Programming Guide for your platform for specific information on the use of the GLOBAL clause.)

Two programs in a run unit can reference global file connectors in the following circumstances:

  1. An external file connector can be referenced from any program that describes that file connector.
  2. If a program is contained within another program, both programs can refer to a global file connector by referring to an associated global file-name either in the containing program or in any program that directly or indirectly contains the containing program.

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