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5.2.11 CODE-SET Clause

X >_Workstation_> Under AIX, OS/2, and Windows the CODE-SET clause is not
X supported for line sequential files. It is treated as a comment for sequential, relative and indexed files. <_Workstation_<

The CODE-SET clause specifies the character code used to represent data on a magnetic tape file. When the CODE-SET clause is specified, an alphabet-name identifies the character code convention used to represent data on the input-output device.

Alphabet-name must be defined in the SPECIAL-NAMES paragraph as STANDARD-1 (for ASCII-encoded files), as STANDARD-2 (for ISO 7-bit encoded files), as EBCDIC (for EBCDIC-encoded files), or as NATIVE. When NATIVE is specified, the CODE-SET clause is syntax checked, but it has no effect on the execution of the program.

The CODE-SET clause also specifies the algorithm for converting the character codes on the input-output medium from/to the internal EBCDIC character set.

When the CODE-SET clause is specified for a file, all data in this file must have USAGE DISPLAY, and, if signed numeric data is present, it must be described with the SIGN IS SEPARATE clause.

When the CODE-SET clause is omitted, the EBCDIC character set is assumed for this file.

If the associated file connector is an external file connector, all CODE-SET clauses in the run unit that are associated with that file connector must have the same character set.

The CODE-SET clause is valid only for magnetic tape files.

X The CODE-SET clause is treated as a comment under an SD.

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