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X 5.1.3 Local-Storage Section

X The Local-Storage Section defines storage that is allocated and freed on a
X per-invocation basis. On each invocation, data items defined in the
X Local-Storage Section are reallocated and initialized to the value
X assigned in their VALUE clauses. Data items defined in the Local-Storage
X Section cannot specify the EXTERNAL clause.

X The Local-Storage Section must begin with the header LOCAL-STORAGE SECTION
X followed by a separator period.

X You can specify the Local-Storage Section in recursive programs, in
X non-recursive programs, and in methods.

X Note: Method Local-Storage content is the same as a program Local-Storage
X content except that the GLOBAL attribute has no effect (since methods
X cannot be nested).

X A separate copy of the data defined in a method Local-Storage section is
X created each time the method is invoked. The storage allocated for the
X data is freed when the method returns.

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