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X 4.2.12 PASSWORD Clause

X >_Workstation_> Under AIX, OS/2, and Windows the PASSWORD clause is
X treated as a comment. <_Workstation_<

X The PASSWORD clause controls access to files.

X data-name-6

X data-name-7

X Password data items. Each must be defined in the Working-Storage
X Section (of the Data Division) as an alphanumeric item. The first 8
X characters are used as the password; a shorter field is padded with
X blanks to 8 characters. Each password data item must be equivalent to
X one that is externally defined.

X When the PASSWORD clause is specified, at object time the PASSWORD data
X item must contain the valid password for this file before the file can be
X successfully opened.

X Format 1 Considerations:

X The PASSWORD clause is not valid for QSAM sequential files.

X Format 2 and 3 Considerations:

X When the PASSWORD clause is specified, it must immediately follow the
X RECORD KEY or ALTERNATE RECORD KEY data-name with which it is associated.

X For indexed files, if the file has been completely predefined to VSAM,
X only the PASSWORD data item for the RECORD KEY need contain the valid
X password before the file can be successfully opened at file creation time.

X For any other type of file processing (including the processing of dynamic
X CALLs at file creation time through a COBOL object-time subroutine), every
X PASSWORD data item for this file must contain a valid password before the
X file can be successfully opened, whether or not all paths to the data are
X used in this object program.

X For EXTERNAL files, data-name-6 and data-name-7 must reference external
X data items. The PASSWORD clauses in each associated file control entry
X must reference the same external data items.

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