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X 4.1.8 REPOSITORY Paragraph

X The REPOSITORY paragraph defines the names of the classes that you can use
X in a class definition or program. Optionally, the REPOSITORY paragraph
X defines associations between class-names and external class-names.

 X  ___ Format ________________________________________________________________________ 
 X |                                                                                   |
 X | >>__REPOSITORY.__ ________________________________________________________ _____> |
 X |                  |_CLASS__class-name-1__ _______________________________ _|       |
 X |                                         |_ ____ __external-class-name-1_|         |
 X |                                           |_IS_|                                  |
   |                                                                                   |
 X | >__.___________________________________________________________________________>< |
   |                                                                                   |

X class-name-1

X A user-defined word that identifies the class.

X external-class-name-1

X A name that enables a COBOL program to define or access classes with
X names that are defined using CORBA rules of formation. (Class names
X defined using CORBA rules of formation might not be expressible as a
X COBOL user-defined word, such as the case-sensitive SOM class names
X (SOMObject for example), or a class implemented in C with a name
X containing underscores.)

X You must specify external-class-name-1 as a nonnumeric literal,
X conforming to the following rules of formation:


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