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4.1.2 OBJECT-COMPUTER Paragraph

The OBJECT-COMPUTER paragraph specifies the system for which the object program is designated.

    ___ Format __________________________________________________________________________________ 
   |                                                                                             |
   | >>__OBJECT-COMPUTER.______________________________________________________________________> |
   |                                                                                             |
   | >__ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______>< |
   |    |_computer-name__ ___________________________________________ __| entry 1 |__._|         |
   |                     |_MEMORY__ ______ __integer__ _WORDS______ _|                           |
   |                               |_SIZE_|           |_CHARACTERS_|                             |
   |                                                  |_MODULES____|                             |
   |                                                                                             |
   | entry 1:                                                                                    |
   | |__ _____________________________________________________________ ________________________| |
   |    |_ _________ __ ___________ __SEQUENCE__ ____ __alphabet-name_|                          |
   |      |_PROGRAM_|  |_COLLATING_|            |_IS_|                                           |
   |                                                                                             |
A system-name. For example:


The amount of main storage needed to run the object program. The MEMORY SIZE clause is syntax checked, but it has no effect on the execution of the program.

Expressed in words, characters, or modules.

The collating sequence used in this program is the collating sequence associated with the specified alphabet-name.

The collating sequence pertains to this program and any programs it might contain.

The collating sequence.

PROGRAM COLLATING SEQUENCE determines the truth value of the following nonnumeric comparisons:

The PROGRAM COLLATING SEQUENCE clause also applies to any nonnumeric merge or sort keys, unless the COLLATING SEQUENCE phrase is specified in the MERGE or SORT statement.

X >_Host_> Under OS/390 and VM, the PROGRAM COLLATING SEQUENCE clause is not
X applied to the DBCS character set. <_Host_<

X >_Workstation_> Under AIX, OS/2, and Windows, the PROGRAM COLLATING
X SEQUENCE clause is not allowed if the code page in effect is a DBCS or EUC
X code page. <_Workstation_<

When the PROGRAM COLLATING SEQUENCE clause is omitted:

Certain permanent segments can be overlaid by independent segments while still retaining the logical properties of fixed portion segments. (Fixed portion segments are made up of fixed permanent and fixed overlayable segments.)

An integer ranging from 1 through 49.

When SEGMENT-LIMIT is specified:

  • A fixed permanent segment is one with a priority-number less than the priority-number specified.
  • A fixed overlayable segment is one with a priority-number ranging from that specified through 49, inclusive.

For example, if SEGMENT-LIMIT IS 25 is specified:

  • Sections with priority-numbers 0 through 24 are fixed permanent segments.
  • Sections with priority-numbers 25 through 49 are fixed overlayable segments.

When SEGMENT-LIMIT is omitted, all sections with priority-numbers 0 through 49 are fixed permanent segments.

Except for the PROGRAM COLLATING SEQUENCE clause, the OBJECT-COMPUTER paragraph is syntax checked, but it has no effect on the execution of the program.

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