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3.1.4 Optional Paragraphs

These optional paragraphs in the Identification Division can be omitted:

Name of the author of the program.

Name of the company or location.

Date the program was written.

Date the program was compiled.

Level of confidentiality of the program.

The comment-entry in any of the optional paragraphs can be any combination of characters from the character set of the computer. The comment-entry is written in Area B on one or more lines.

The paragraph name DATE-COMPILED and any comment-entry associated with it appear in the output program listing with the current date inserted:

        DATE-COMPILED. 04/27/95.

Comment-entries serve only as documentation; they do not affect the meaning of the program. A hyphen in the indicator area (column 7) is not permitted in comment-entries.

X >_Workstation_> Under AIX, OS/2, and Windows, you can include multi-byte
X as well as single-byte characters in an EUC or DBCS code page in comment
X entries in the Identification Division of your program. Multiple lines
X are allowed in a comment-entry containing multi-byte characters.
X <_Workstation_<

X >_Host_> Under OS/390 and VM, you can include DBCS character strings as
X comment-entries in the Identification Division of your program. Multiple
X lines are allowed in a comment-entry containing DBCS strings.

X A DBCS string must be preceded by a shift-out control character and
X followed by a shift-in control character. For example:


X When using DBCS characters in a comment-entry contained on multiple lines,
X shift-out and shift-in characters must be paired on a line. <_Host_<

X DBCS strings are described under "Character-Strings" in topic 1.1.1.

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