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X 3.1.3 METHOD-ID Paragraph

X The METHOD-ID paragraph specifies the name by which a method is known and
X assigns selected attributes to that method. It is required and must be
X the first paragraph in a method Identification Division.

X method-name-1

X A user-defined word or a nonnumeric literal that identifies the
X method.

X The rules of formation for method-name-1 are as follows:

  • X If the method name is specified in the user-defined word format,
    X then normal COBOL rules for a user-defined word apply.
  • X If the method name is specified as a nonnumeric literal, then:
    • X The name can be up to 160 characters in length.
    • X The characters used in the name must be uppercase or lowercase
      X alphabetic, digit, hyphen, or underscore.
    • X At least one character must be alphabetic.
    • X Hyphen cannot be used as the first or last character.


X A clause that allows a subclass to override an existing method
X implementation when it inherits a method from a parent class.

X You must specify the OVERRIDE clause in the METHOD-ID paragraph, if
X method-name-1 is overriding a method with the same name that is
X inherited from a parent class.

X Do not specify the OVERRIDE clause if the method is not inherited from
X an ancestor class, and is being introduced by the current class
X definition.


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