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X 3.1.2 CLASS-ID Paragraph

X The CLASS-ID paragraph specifies the name by which the class is known and
X assigns selected attributes to that class. It is required and must be the
X first paragraph in a class Identification Division.

X class-name-1

X A user-defined word that identifies the class.

X If you want to use more flexible naming conventions for class-name-1,
X specify class-name-1 in the REPOSITORY paragraph of the class
X definition. (This defines an external class name to identify the
X class outside of this class definition.)


X A clause that defines class-name-1 to be a subclass (or derived class)
X of class-name-2 (the parent class). Class-name-1 cannot directly or
X indirectly inherit from class-name-1. A class name can only appear
X once in the INHERITS clause.

X class-name-2

X The name of a class inherited by class-name-1. If class-name-2 is
X repeated, multiple inheritance is present. You must specify
X class-name-2 in the REPOSITORY paragraph of the Configuration Section
X of the class definition.


X A clause that identifies the metaclass for class-name-1. A metaclass
X is a special class whose instances are class objects. For more
X information on metaclasses, see the IBM COBOL Programming Guide for
X your platform.

X Do not specify the METACLASS clause when defining a metaclass.

X Note: The INHERITS and METACLASS clauses can appear in either order
X in the CLASS-ID paragraph.

X class-name-3

X The name of a metaclass that is responsible for creating and/or
X managing objects of the class being defined. You must specify
X class-name-3 in the REPOSITORY paragraph of the Configuration Section
X of the class definition.


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