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X 2.3 COBOL Method Definition Structure

X A COBOL method definition describes a method. You can only specify a
X method definition within a class definition.

X With the exception of the COPY and REPLACE statements and the END METHOD
X header, the statements, entries, paragraphs, and sections of a COBOL
X method definition are grouped into the following four divisions:

X The end of a COBOL method definition is indicated by the END METHOD
X header.

X Following is the format for the entries and statements that constitute a
X separately-compiled COBOL method definition.

 X  ___ Format--COBOL Method Definition ______________________________________ 
 X |                                                                          |
 X | >>__ _IDENTIFICATION DIVISION._ _______________________________________> |
 X |     |_ID DIVISION._____________|                                         |
   |                                                                          |
 X | >__ _________________________________ _________________________________> |
 X |    |_identification-division-content_|                                   |
   |                                                                          |
 X | >__ ______________________________________________________________ ____> |
 X |    |__ENVIRONMENT DIVISION.__method-environment-division-content__|      |
   |                                                                          |
 X | >__ ________________________________________________ __________________> |
 X |    |__DATA DIVISION.__method-data-division-content__|                    |
   |                                                                          |
 X | >__ ______________________________________________________ ____________> |
 X |    |_PROCEDURE DIVISION.method-procedure-division-content_|              |
   |                                                                          |
 X | >___END METHOD__method-name-1.________________________________________>< |
   |                                                                          |


X Specifies the end of a method definition.

X Methods defined in a class can access instance data (class Working-Storage
X Section data items) introduced in the same class but not instance data
X introduced by a parent class or metaclass. Therefore, instance data is
X always private to the class that introduces it.

X Methods introduced in class-name-1 must have unique names within the class
X definition.

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