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  • Quick Basic 3.0 Interpreter
  • Quick Basic 4.5 Compiler
  • Quick Basic 7.1 (PDS)
  • Summary: QuickBASIC 4.5 runtime error source analyzer
    License: Shareware
    Requires: DOS 5.0 (or later) with a VGA (or better) display monitor and Microsoft QuickBASIC 4.5 compiler.
    Email: hstein@cyberramp.net
    Download: qbe108.zip (Nov 19 1997, 115.7K)
    QBE is a DOS executable which facilitates quickly locating the source line(s) which caused Microsoft QuickBASIC 4.5 run-time or compilation error messages to occur. QuickBasic 4.5 developers understand the need for and will be most appreciative of this development tool.
    QBE is intended for QuickBasic 4.5 developers who use the edit-compile- link-and-test technique for debugging QuickBASIC 4.5 programs. Many programmers stay away from the QuickBASIC "environment" (the term often used for the QuickBASIC interpreter/debugger) as it reformats (tokenizes) your source and has limitations and undesirable behavioral and limitation differences from compiled programs.
    The QBE program inputs .LST files created when the QuickBASIC compile line parameter specified a listing file should be created and that listing file is accessible when the run-time (or compilation error) occurs and followed by a QBE launch. The QBE command line can specify the module and address of the run-time error or QBE can be directed to read the video screen to find the module and address automatically.
    The QBE results are provided in a flexible source browser which can look at .LST any other ASCII source files.


    Summary: Assembly language toolbox for QuickBasic
    Download: altqb558.zip (Apr 9 1996, 348.6K)


    Summary: AsyLIB, communications functions for QB 4.x
    Download: asylib11.zip (Nov 6 1989, 74.5K)

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    Summary: Converts BASICA/GWBASIC source to QuickBASIC
    Download: bas2qb11.zip (Jan 14 1991, 46.2K)


    Summary: Converts BASIC programs to Quick BASIC format
    Download: bas2qbas.zip (Jan 14 1988, 54.8K)

    BASUPD 4

    Summary: MS PDS/VBDOS functions for QuickBasic.x
    Download: basupd21.zip (Apr 21 1996, 31.7K)


    Summary: Edited input function library for QuickBasic
    Download: bkinpqb.zip (Aug 10 1990, 23.5K)


    Summary: BASIC Programmer's Tool Box for QB45 and QB7
    Download: bptb11.zip (Sep 6 1992, 94.6K)

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    Summary: Fast pulldown menu system lib for QBASIC/PDS
    Download: ezw1v30a.zip (Jun 4 1991, 149.8K)

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    Version: 1.0
    Summary: Lets QBASIC developers create fonts
    License: Shareware
    Requires: PKUNZIP and QBASIC.
    Email: nav2@flash.net
    Homepage: http://www.flash.net/~nav2/bhawk/
    Download: fontt100.zip (Aug 4 1997, 21.3K)
    FontType v1.0 is a utility that allows QBASIC developers to create custom fonts for use in their programs. To make a new font, specify the range of ASCII characters you want, then point and click to build each character. FontType comes with online help, a sample font (italics.fnt), and a sample program "template" that will start you on your way to using fonts in your own programs.

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    Summary: QBasic routine to determine CPU type w/ASM src
    Download: getcpu.zip (Aug 29 1990, 1.8K)

    GLIB 290

    Summary: GLib library for QuickBasic,+ routines
    Download: glib19.zip (Jul 24 1991, 168.7K)


    Summary: Smaller, faster graphics library for QBASIC4.5
    Download: grafwz15.zip (Feb 10 1991, 75.7K)

    Graphics Factory

    Summary: Graphics Factory: Quick Basic graphics utility
    Download: gfactory.zip (Oct 4 1992, 103.5K)

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    IQB 1992

    Summary: Inside QuickBasic source listing, Feb.
    Download: iqb9202.zip (Feb 8 1992, 6.5K)

    IQB 1992

    Summary: Inside QuickBasic source listing, March
    Download: iqb9203.zip (Feb 8 1992, 8.8K)

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    Summary: Long Filenames for QBasic
    License: Public Domain
    Author: Colin Glenn
    Email: cwg01@gnofn.org
    Download: lfnbas02.zip (Jul 21 1999, 26.4K)
    LFN-QBasic is a series of subroutines designed to allow a QBasic program
    to access Long File Names available under Win9x without needing to know
    what the DOS8.3 name looks like. They're easy to use, and simple enough
    so you can upgrade existing code without any trouble. Ok, maybe a
    little trouble because you do have to go through your code and replace
    all your OPEN statements with a function call. And if you decide to use
    LFN-QBasic's automatic FREEFILE action, you have to adjust for that as

    I should point out that the package is not limited to QBasic except by
    the fact that it's in that format, using no line numbers and having
    function calls. With a little work, it can be adapted to to any basic


    Summary: Lists each line containing search string
    License: Freeware
    Author: Chris Rodliffe
    Email: cr@clear.net.nz
    Download: listif04.zip (Jul 4 1998, 46K)
    ListIf v0.4 is a small program which searches through any Quickbasic
    source file (xx.BAS) or other text file and lists each line containing a
    specified search string (such as variable name or key word e.g. Open).
    If given a .MAK name as input, will search all .BAS files listed in that
    .MAK file (provided they're in current directory). Shows which files and
    SUB's lines found occur in. Optionally shows line numbers, writes to
    screen/file, optionally case/whole-word sensitive. Runs in DOS (not a
    TSR or add-on to QB or editors).

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    Summary: Professional MAKE for QuickBASIC
    Download: make472.zip (Nov 15 1992, 22.8K)

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    Summary: .OBJ file manipulator and snooper
    Download: objtoo31.zip (Apr 21 1996, 52.8K)

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    Version: 1.0-4.5
    Summary: PB backwards-compatible library for QB
    Download: pbback21.zip (Apr 21 1996, 115.3K)


    Summary: User interface toolbox for QuickBASIC
    Download: pro200.zip (May 20 1991, 19.2K)

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    Summary: QB4.5 lib w/mouse/window/fast-screen/DOS svcs
    Download: q4tool.zip (Aug 18 1990, 67.7K)


    Version: 4.5
    Summary: Assembly language routines for QB/BASCOM 6
    Download: qb4bas45.zip (Sep 29 1989, 111.6K)


    Summary: QuickBasic ARC/PAK/ZIP file dir util w/src
    Download: qbarcv3.zip (Mar 20 1989, 15.7K)


    Summary: Fast EGA/VGA graphics routines link library
    Download: qbevgfx2.zip (Mar 20 1992, 83K)


    Summary: Quick Basic source code reformatter
    License: Freeware
    Author: Branislav Stofko
    Email: BranoStofko@Rocketmail.com
    Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Peaks/6312/
    Download: bsqbf0.zip (Jul 17 1998, 19.5K)
    QBF is Quick Basic source code reformater. Small program for people
    programming in the Quick Basic with source code in FORCE.


    Summary: General purpose subroutines (250+) .LIB/.QLB
    Download: qbgps256.zip (Nov 7 1996, 118.6K)


    Summary: QuickBASIC Electronic Newsletter, Vol 2, No 4
    Download: qbnws204.zip (Dec 21 1991, 57.4K)


    Summary: QuickBASIC Electronic Newsletter, Vol 3, No 2
    Download: qbnws302.zip (Jun 28 1992, 34.3K)

    QBNWS 2

    Summary: QBNews-QBASIC Electronic NewsletterNo1 2/91
    Download: qbnws201.zip (Feb 27 1991, 53.3K)

    QBNWS 2

    Summary: QBNews-QBASIC Electronic NewsletterNo2 6/91
    Download: qbnws202.zip (May 31 1991, 81.2K)

    QBNWS 2n3

    Summary: QuickBasic Electronic Newsletter - 910915
    Download: qbnws203.zip (Sep 15 1991, 100.7K)

    QBNWS 3

    Summary: QBNews-QBASIC Electronic NewsletterNo1 3/92
    Download: qbnws301.zip (Mar 28 1992, 78.2K)


    Summary: QB screen builder and screen routines w/source
    Download: qbscr15.zip (Sep 4 1989, 274.3K)


    Version: 3.20
    Summary: QBasic serial communications library
    Download: qbser320.zip (Sep 7 1993, 31.2K)


    Version: 4-4.5
    Summary: Toolbox for Qbasic and Basic 6
    Download: qbtools.zip (Feb 10 1990, 196.7K)


    Version: 4.5
    Summary: QBWiz accesses QuickBasic internal info
    Download: qbwiz21.zip (Apr 21 1996, 24.6K)


    Summary: QuickBASIC routines to work with ZIP dirs
    Download: qbzipdir.zip (Oct 27 1989, 13K)


    Summary: Input routines for QuickBasic. All styles
    Download: qinp73.zip (Jun 2 1990, 45.5K)


    Summary: QSAM: A B-Tree access method for QuickBASIC
    Download: qsam300.zip (Oct 16 1989, 20.7K)


    Version: 2.29
    Summary: QuickShare catalog - QBasic Shareware
    Download: qscat229.zip (Feb 18 1991, 94.9K)

    Quick Basic 4.x source

    Summary: Quick Basic 4.x source: nice pulldown menu
    Download: topmenu2.zip (Sep 8 1989, 61K)


    Summary: Window management system for QuickBASIC 4.+
    Download: qwez42.zip (Mar 31 1991, 185.5K)

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    Summary: Real and complex math library for QuickBASIC
    Download: realfun.zip (May 31 1991, 195.1K)

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    Version: 1.00
    Summary: SimpleDoor: QB4.5 BBS door routines
    Download: sdoor100.zip (Mar 24 1992, 76.2K)


    Summary: Sprite library for mode x (for QuickBASIC 4.x)
    Download: slix0987.zip (Sep 6 1996, 812.9K)

    SMALLFNT 106x33

    Summary: Quick Basic source to create CGA font
    Download: smallfnt.zip (Feb 13 1990, 4.6K)


    Summary: Date, Day, Month, & Picture BASIC procedures
    License: Shareware
    Author: Lee E. Estes, Softmasters
    Email: masters@pacbell.net
    Download: softbd01.zip (Jul 18 1998, 134.4K)
    QuickBASIC 4.x and ProBASIC 7.x procedures in both a Quick and Stand-
    Alone BASIC library so you may select a Date, Day, or Month from your
    BASIC program display, or select a Picture style for your visually
    enhanced BASIC program screens. Easy to use, complete and ready to
    run including demos, examples, and a comprehensive manual.


    Summary: Calculates bicycle spoke lengths
    Download: spoke.bas (Jun 16 1989, 10.4K)


    Summary: Menu-driven sound effects/bird calls
    Download: squawk.zip (Apr 17 1987, 31.5K)

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    Summary: QuickBasic background timing routines
    Download: timing2.zip (Apr 9 1990, 11.9K)

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    Summary: List contents of QB Quick Library (.QLB) files
    Download: v_qlib.zip (Apr 11 1991, 55.6K)


    Summary: MASM text video routines library for QBASIC
    Download: vidbasic.zip (Nov 28 1990, 111.1K)


    Summary: Windowing utilities for MS BASIC PDS 7
    Download: vudu31p.zip (Jun 6 1992, 84.7K)


    Summary: Windowing utilities for MS QuickBASIC 4+
    Download: vudu31q.zip (Jun 6 1992, 83.7K)

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