BASIC Dialects

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  • ABasiC (Amiga) - Relatively limited. Initially provided with Amigas by MetaComCo.
  • ABC BASIC (ABC80/800) BASIC for Luxors ABC line of computers.
  • ACE (Amiga) - A Compiler for Everyone - A freeware BASIC compiler that is AmigaBASIC compatible and contains extra features, some of which exploit the Amiga's hardware and operating system. [1] [2]
  • Advanced BASIC: See 'BASICA'
  • Altair BASIC (aka MITS 4K BASIC, MITS 8K BASIC, Altair Disk Extended BASIC) (MITS Altair 8800, S-100) - Microsoft's first product
  • Altair Disk Extended BASIC: See 'Altair BASIC'
  • Alvyn BASIC (multiplatform) - A free open source multiplatform BASIC interpreter that is fully compatible with Amiga AMOS Professional and is targeted at game development
  • Amiga BASIC (Amiga) - Somewhat easier than ABasiC, see MS BASIC for Macintosh.
  • AMOS BASIC (Amiga) - A version of BASIC for the Amiga designed for game programming. A descendant of STOS BASIC on the Atari ST. Later derivatives included AMOS Professional (aka AMOS Pro) and Easy AMOS.
  • AMOS Professional & AMOS Pro: See 'AMOS BASIC'
  • Apple BASIC (Apple I): see: Integer BASIC
  • Apple Business BASIC (Apple III)
  • Applesoft BASIC (Apple II family) - Based on the same Microsoft code that Commodore BASIC was based on. Standard on the Apple II Plus and Apple II Europlus.
  • APU BASIC version of SORD CBASIC for the M23 with arithmetic processor
  • ASIC (DOS on the PC)
  • Atari 2600 Basic Programming (Atari 2600 video game console)
  • Atari BASIC (aka Shepardson BASIC) (Atari 8-bit family) - The standard cartridge-based interpreter for the Atari 400 and successors. On Later machines such as the Atari 800XL, this BASIC was built into the ROM.
  • Atari Microsoft BASIC (Atari 8-bit family)
  • AttoBasic, This is a ROM-resident interpreter that executes from on-chip RAM (Atmel AVR)
  • Atom BASIC (Acorn Atom)
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  • B32 Business Basic (Data General Eclipse MV, Unix, MS-DOS)
  • Bas (Unix) - An interpreter for the classic dialect of BASIC [3]
  • BASCOM - BASIC compilers for the 8051 and AVR chips
  • BASIC A+ (Atari 8-bit family) - An extended BASIC for the Atari 8-bit family, from Optimized Systems Software
  • BASIC Advanced: See 'BASICA'
  • BASIC XE (Atari 8-bit family) - An enhanced version of BASIC XL, from Optimized Systems Software [4]
  • BASIC XL (Atari 8-bit family) - An improved BASIC for the Atari 8-bit family, from Optimized Systems Software [5]
  • Bazic '86: See 'Northstar BASIC'
  • BASIC-11 (DEC PDP-11, RSX-11)
  • BASIC-68K structured BASIC for the SORD M68/M68MX computers running in CP/M-68K mode
  • BASIC-E (aka submarine BASIC) (CP/M)
  • BASIC-II structured BASIC for 8 bit SORD computers
  • BASIC Plus 2 (DEC PDP-11: RSTS/E, RSX-11)
  • BASIC/UX -- HP BASIC for HP/UX, an implementation of Rocky Mountain BASIC
  • BASIC/WS -- HP BASIC Workstation, an implementation of Rocky Mountain BASIC
  • BASIC09 (OS-9 and OS-9 68K on Motorola 6809 and 68K CPUs, respectively)
  • BASICA (aka BASIC Advanced, Advanced BASIC) (DOS on the PC) - Available in ROM on IBM PCs. Later disk based versions for PC-DOS.
  • BASICODE (KC85) [6]
  • BasiEgaXorz (Sega Genesis) - BASIC for the Sega Genesis [7]
  • BBC BASIC - Originally for the Acorn/BBC Micro, but has since been ported to RISC OS, Tiki 100, Cambridge Z88, Amstrad NC100, CP/M, ZX Spectrum, MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows and many others [8]. A GPL clone of BBC BASIC named Brandy written in portable C is also available.
  • BBx (Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix) - Cross-platform application development language derived from Business Basic.
  • Beta BASIC – A BASIC toolkit that extended Sinclair BASIC.
  • BlitzBasic (Amiga, Windows) - Fast compiler meant for game programming. Windows version with DirectX support.
  • BlitzMAX (Mac OS, Linux, Windows) - Fast and compact compiler meant for Game programming with OpenGL support.
  • Blunt Axe Basic (aka BXBASM) (Win32, Linux) [9] [10]
  • Business Basic - A name given collectively to the variants of BASIC which were specialised for business use on mini-computers in the 1970s.
  • bwBASIC: See 'Bywater BASIC'
  • BXBASM: See 'Blunt_Axe_Basic'
  • Bywater BASIC (aka bwBASIC) - BASIC interpreter for MS-DOS and POSIX. Is a bit like GWBasic.
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  • CA-Realizer - dialect similar to VisualBasic by Computer Associates, last version 3.0, no longer under development/supported
  • Caché Basic - One of the two scripting languages in the Caché Database
  • CARDBASIC, uma versão de BASIC operada por cartões disponível em Darthmouth na época da criação da linguagem e descrita no manual original.
  • CBASIC (CP/M, MS-DOS) - Successor of BASIC-E.
  • CBASIC standard BASIC interpreter for 8 bit SORD computers (M23, M68 in Z80 mode, etc), also known as APU BASIC when the arithmetic processor is installed
  • cbasPad Pro: See 'HotPaw Basic'
  • CBM BASIC: See 'Commodore BASIC'
  • CellularBASIC: J2ME Open-Source On-phone Mobile BASIC Interpreter for Java-Enabled Handhelds Mobiles Smartphones and PDAs
  • Chinese BASIC: Several Chinese-translated BASIC languages developed in the early 1980s.
  • Chipmunk Basic (Apple Macintosh, CLI ports for Win32, GNU/Linux) - copyrighted freeware
  • CocoaBasic (Mac OS X) - An object oriented Basic Dialect for using the Cocoa Framework [11]
  • Color BASIC (Tandy / Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer)
  • Commodore BASIC (aka CBM BASIC) (Various computers in CBM's line of 8-bit computers) - Was integrated in the ROM of CBM's 8-bit computers. Built on an early version of 6502 Microsoft BASIC. There were several versions – the most well known was Commodore Basic V2.
  • Compaq BASIC for OpenVMS VAX BASIC renamed
  • CoolBasic (Windows) - A Finnish variant of BASIC suited for game programming with DirectX. [12] [13] [14]
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  • DarkBASIC & DarkBASIC Professional (Windows) - Efficient compiler for game programming.
  • Dartmouth BASIC - the original version of BASIC. See also True BASIC.
  • Data General Business Basic (Data General Nova and later DG minicomputers)
  • Data/BASIC: See: 'Pick/BASIC'
  • Databasic: See: 'Pick/BASIC'
  • DEC BASIC Used to VAX BASIC; renamed after VMS became OpenVMS and Alpha was created
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  • Easy AMOS: See 'AMOS BASIC'
  • Envelop (Windows) - Visual Basic 3 clone.
  • ethosBASIC (Windows) - ethosBASIC is a new BASIC development system designed to create computer games [15].
  • Extended Color BASIC (TRS-80 Color Computer and Dragon 32/64)
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  • FaST Basic (Atari ST)
  • Famicom BASIC (Nintendo Entertainment System) - BASIC for the Nintendo Entertainment System.
  • FBSL (Windows & Linux under WinE) - FREESTYLE Basic Script Language [16]
  • FREESTYLE Basic Script Language: See 'FBSL'
  • FreeBASIC (DOS, MS Windows and GNU/Linux) - An almost 100% QuickBASIC compatible Win32 Open source language (GPL)
  • FutureBASIC (Mac OS)
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  • Galaksija BASIC (Galaksija) - firmware BASIC implementation for Galaksija home computer.
  • Gambas (Linux / Unix)) - A rapid application development environment for BASIC under Linux KDE from Benoit Minisini. Similar approach as Visual Basic.
  • GamesBasic - Free object-oriented BASIC variant meant for game programming.
  • GBasic (DOS on the PC) - Interpreter with many graphics routines.
  • GBASIC a version of SORD CBASIC with SORD Graphic Language extensions for the M23 with graphics board
  • GeoBASIC (Leica TPS 1000/1100 surveying stations)
  • geoBASIC (Commodore 64) - BASIC for use with GEOS
  • GFA BASIC (Atari ST, Amiga, MS-DOS, Windows) - Was originally conceived on the Atari ST where it became one of the most popular BASICs for that platform (it almost became a standard programming language for the Atari ST). Was later ported to the Amiga, MS-DOS and Windows.
  • Gnome Basic (Linux/Unix) - a project to develop a Visual Basic compatible clone BASIC for Gnome. During the course of development, the project was discontinued, and VB.NET support for Mono was dropped.
  • GW-BASIC (DOS on the PC) - BASICA compatible; independent of IBM ROM routines. Came with versions of MS-DOS before 5.0
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  • HBasic (Linux / Unix)) - Object-oriented open source BASIC IDE. HBasic based on Qt IDE and a BASIC Dialect. Similar approach as Visual Basic.
  • HiSoft Basic (Atari ST, ZX Spectrum)
  • High Tech BASIC -- Implementation of Rocky Mountain BASIC by TransEra
  • HotBasic (Win32, Linux)
  • HotPaw Basic (aka yBasic, nee cbasPad Pro) (PalmOS) - Interpreter with GUI and sound funtions. [17]
  • HP BASIC -- The original implementation of Rocky Mountain BASIC
  • HP Instrument BASIC -- Another name for HP's Rocky Mountain BASIC
  • HP BASIC for OpenVMS (derived from DEC BASIC and VAX BASIC)
  • HP Time-Sharing BASIC (HP 2100 line of minicomputers)
  • HTBasic -- Implementation of Rocky Mountain BASIC by TransEra
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  • IBasic (Windows) - With Windows API and DirectX support.
  • IBM Cassette BASIC (DOS on the PC) - Built in to the first IBM PCs. Ran independently of DOS and used audio cassettes as a storage medium.
  • ICPL (Computervision CADDS-2/VLSI) - An interpreter tied in with an integrated circuit design database.
  • Integer BASIC (Apple II family) - Steve Wozniak's own creation. Was originally known simply as "Apple BASIC". For the BASICs available at the time, it was extremely fast and memory-efficient. Only supported integers. Came as standard on the Apple I and original Apple II
  • iziBasic [18] (PalmOS) - An easy-to-use BASIC compiler that runs on the Palm OS device and produces stand-alone applications. Includes terminal mode and support for Palm OS GUI.
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  • KBasic (Windows, Linux, Mac OS) - based on Qt. Object-oriented Visual Basic-like and Java-like Basic variant with IDE used for Cross-platform development. Comes in two editions - The free KBasic Personal and non-free KBasic Professional.
  • KBasic Personal: See 'KBasic'
  • KBasic Professional: See 'KBasic'
  • Kool-Bee: See 'KoolB'
  • KoolB (short for Kool-Bee) (Windows, Linux) - Open-source BASIC compiler. A minimal compiler build mainly for learning purposes. [19]
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  • Liberty BASIC (Windows) - a Bytecode-interpreter similar to Visual Basic.
  • Locomotive BASIC (Amstrad CPC) - Built into the ROM of the Amstrad CPC.
  • LotusScript (Lotus Notes)
  • Luxor Basic (Luxor ABC80)
  • Learn to Program BASIC (Windows)
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  • MAI Basic Four Business Basic (misc. minicomputers)
  • Mallard BASIC (Amstrad PCW, ZX Spectrum +3 under CP/M) - Similar to Locomotive BASIC.
  • MBASIC (CP/M) - Further development of OBASIC, also from Microsoft. MBasic was one of the BASICs developed from Microsoft. Came with a line editor), that for example ran under CP/M.
  • Metal Developed between 1997 and 2002. Supports standalone production and many other nonstandard features. (Mac OS)
  • Microsoft BASIC (overview of Microsoft BASIC variants) (many microcomputer platforms)
  • Microsoft BASICA: See 'BASICA'
  • Microsoft GW-BASIC: See 'GW-BASIC'
  • Microsoft Level III BASIC (Tandy / Radio Shack TRS-80)
  • Microsoft Visual Basic: See 'Visual Basic'
  • MITS 4K BASIC: See 'Altair BASIC'
  • MITS 8K BASIC: See 'Altair BASIC'
  • Mobile BASIC (Java enabled mobile phones)
  • MOLE Basic (DOS on the PC) - Merty's Own Language Extension BASIC.
  • Moonrock Basic Compiler (DOS on the PC) - Small compiler.
  • MS BASIC for Macintosh (Mac OS)
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  • N88-BASIC (Old NEC PC8801/9801) - Japan's most popular BASIC based on Microsoft's one.
  • NorthStar BASIC (Processor Technology, NorthStar Horizon, later adapted to x86 as Bazic '86)
  • NS Basic (PalmOS) - IDE and Bytecode-interpreter.
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  • OBASIC (CP/M) - From Microsoft.
  • Omikron Basic (Atari ST, Mac OS) - Was originally developed for the Atari ST. In Germany it was bundled with new Atari STs for a long time. Was later ported to Mac OS and was further developed for Mac OS X.
  • OWBasic (Pocketviewer (CASIO pda)) - Fast compiler/interpreter system, Open Source [20]
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  • Parrot BASIC - An implementation of BASIC for the Parrot virtual machine. Version 1.0 is modeled after GW-BASIC. Version 2.0 is modeled after Microsoft's QuickBASIC version 4.5 [21]
  • PBASIC - A BASIC designed for use with the BASIC Stamp microcontroller
  • Phoenix Object Basic (Linux / Unix)) - A free BASIC that includes a GUI builder.
  • PIC BASIC - BASIC designed for use with microcontrollers
  • Pick/BASIC (aka Data/BASIC, Databasic) (Pick Operating System) - an extended basic language integrated in the Pick database and variations of it.
  • PowerBasic (MSDOS, Win32) - Efficient commercial basic compiler for DOS and Windows (successor of Turbo BASIC) - With Compiler.
  • Profan (Windows) - A user friendly interpreted language.
  • ProvideX (Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix) - Cross-platform application development language derived from Business Basic.
  • PSX Chipmunk BASIC (Sony PlayStation) - BASIC for the Sony PlayStation.
  • PureBasic (Microsoft Windows, Linux, AmigaOS and Mac OS X) - Cross-platform application development language. Fast compiled Basic with many functions that creates true standalone executables which require no runtime DLLs.
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  • QBASIC (DOS on the PC) - Came with versions of MS-DOS from 5.0 to 6.22. Also included with DOS 7 (what Windows 95 runs on,) and available from the install CD of Windows 98.
  • QuickBasic (DOS on the PC) - Extended QBasic variant (to be more precise, QBasic is a reduced QuickBasic) . Was the commercial version of Qbasic. Came with a compiler.
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  • RapidQ (Windows, Linux, Solaris/Sparc and HP/UX) - A free BASIC that borrowed from Visual Basic. Useful for graphical surfaces. Works to a large extent with QuickBasic instructions. (Cross-platform, free, no longer being developed). Semi-OO interpreter. Includes RAD IDE.
  • RBScript (Macintosh, Mac OS X, Linux and Windows) - Scripting language based on REALbasic.
  • REALbasic (Macintosh, Mac OS X, Linux and Windows) - Platform independent BASIC. Object-oriented Visual Basic-like Basic variant.
  • Revelation BASIC (DOS on the PC)
  • Rocky Mountain BASIC -- created by HP to control instruments through HP-IB
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  • SAM BASIC (SAM Coupé)
  • ScriptBasic (Win32 and GNU/Linux) - a scripting language variant of BASIC. Released under the Lesser General Public License aka LGPL
  • sdlBasic free multiplatform BASIC. Based on the core of wxBasic, but uses the SDL library.
  • Sharp BASIC (Sharp pocket computers)
  • Shepardson BASIC: 'See Atari BASIC'
  • Sinclair BASIC (ZX80, ZX81/TS1000, ZX Spectrum)
  • SmallBASIC (DOS, PalmOS, Windows, Linux etc.) - A small Open source GPL-ed BASIC interpreter.
  • SmartBASIC (Coleco Adam)
  • Spectacle BASIC (Microsoft Windows - can be recompiled for Mac OS X, Linux and AmigaOS) an open source, interpreted language.
  • ST BASIC (Atari ST) - The BASIC that came with the Atari ST
  • StarBasic: See 'StarOffice Basic'
  • StarOffice Basic (aka StarBasic) (, StarOffice)
  • STOS BASIC (Atari ST) - A version of BASIC for the Atari ST designed for game programming. Predecessor of AMOS BASIC on the Amiga.
  • Submarine BASIC: See 'BASIC-E'
  • SuperBasic (Sinclair QL)
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  • TBASIC - primitive compiler for outdated tester
  • THEOS Multi-User Basic (THEOS operating system)
  • TI BASIC (note: no hyphen) (Texas Instruments TI-99/4A)
  • TI Extended BASIC (Texas Instruments TI-99/4A)
  • TI-BASIC (note: hyphen) (Texas Instruments programmable calculators)
  • Tiger-BASIC - High Speed Multitasking BASIC for microcontrollers of the BASIC-Tiger family.
  • Tiny BASIC (any microcomputer, but mostly implemented on early S-100 machines) -- A minimalist version of BASIC whose source was smaller than this article, used on low-memory platforms.
  • TRS-80 Level I BASIC (TRS-80) - based on TinyBASIC
  • TRS-80 Level II BASIC (Tandy / Radio Shack TRS-80) - based on Microsoft BASIC
  • True BASIC (MS-DOS, MS Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Unix) - A direct descendant of the original BASIC – Dartmouth BASIC. Marketed by the creators of BASIC. Strictly standards-compliant.
  • Turbo Basic (DOS on the PC) - A commercial BASIC compiler for DOS from Borland. (successor of BASIC/Z) (see PowerBASIC)
  • Turbo Basic XL (Atari 8-bit family) - A freeware BASIC interpreter and compiler for the Atari 8-bit family - based on ATARI BASIC. Even the 'slow' Turbo-BASIC interpreter was about four times as fast as the built in BASIC. Written by Frank Ostrowski - the person who would go on to develop GfA-BASIC. Came from Happy Computer.
  • Tymshare SuperBasic (SDS 940)
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  • UBASIC (DOS on the PC) - Interpreter with many mathematical routines. Strong emphasis on number theory. Can work with many-digit numbers, complex numbers.
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  • VAX BASIC DEC's BASIC-Plus-2 ported to VAX/VMS
  • VBA: See 'Visual Basic for Applications'
  • VBS: See 'Visual Basic Script'
  • VBScript: See 'Visual Basic Script'
  • Vilnius BASIC (Elektronika BK-0010-01 and BK-0011M computers)
  • Visual Basic (Windows) - Microsoft's object oriented Basic-Variant. A dialect with a rapid application development for BASIC.
  • Visual Basic .NET (Windows) - implementation within the .NET-Framework from Microsoft.
  • Visual Basic for Applications (aka VBA) (MS Office on MS Windows and Apple Macintosh)
  • Visual Basic Script (aka VBS, VBScript) - A subset of Visual Basic used in ASP and in WSH as a general-purpose scripting language. VBScript is often used as a replacement for DOS batch files.
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  • Watcom Basic - A BASIC dialect from Watcom International Corporation
  • WordBasic (versions of MS Word before MS Word 97)
  • wxBasic is an open source GPL BASIC interpreter based on the platform independent wxWidgets toolkit library. For Linux, MacOS-X and Windows.
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  • XBasic (Windows, Linux) - Open Source-compiler with a GUI-designer
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  • Yabasic (Linux, Windows and PlayStation 2) - Small interpreter. (GPL)
  • yBasic: See 'HotPaw Basic'
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  • ZBasic See 'BASIC/Z'. Also, a BASIC dialect for the ZX microcontroller family.