Tritus retail box

Configuring Tritus/SPF
to work on the Macintosh
using DOSBOX

Tritus/SPF is a very good implementation of the mainframe ISPF editor that ran on AIX, MS/DOS, OS/2 and Windows. It is no longer available for sale.

TRITUS SPF - The SPF text editor that brings the power of the mainframe to the PC Macintosh!

Will work with any IBM compatible PC (and now the Mac!) with any type of memory, in DOS and OS/2. Fully compatible with Windows (and now the Mac!)

My Tritus/SPF Installation method using DOSBox

This isn't the only way of installing it, this is just my way of installing it...

I now have Parallels Desktop on my Intel Mac but these instructions are for using a free Open Source product called DOSBox with Tritus/SPF.

You must have a copy of your Tritus/SPF directory from your DOS, OS/2 or Windows machine to continue. Don't bother asking me how to get a new copy of Tritus because I don't know of any way.

Tip: If you have never or infrequently used the Terminal application, a hint is that you can type "cd " on the command line and then drag a folder from a Finder window to it. This will paste in a directory. You can then hit enter to change to that directory instead of having to figure out the path yourself.

These instructions were used to install using: Your mileage may vary: Now that you have a vanilla installation working, you can tweak the DOSBox configuration file if need be.


The advice on this page is presented asis and without warranty. Please research any advice given here and ensure that it will work in your environment. As stated at the beginning of this page, these are my experiences that I'm sharing to help you. I will probably not have time to respond to problem emails. Please feel free to let me know about corrections.

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