Programs for facilitating CGI programs in teaching

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* System programming
* Running of a CGI script

The following has security implications

Index System programming

I have found the following CGI scripts useful in teaching


Index Running a CGI script

The following is a CGI script which will run a user's CGI script from their own home directory ~user/public_html/cgi-bin.

This was created to allow students to run their own CGI scripts without having to write into the system cgi-bin directory. There are however security implications in allowing this on your machine.

The main benefits of using this approach are:

The program mas_run.cpp with ( mas_cvo.cpp, parse.h, parse.cpp, t99_type.h ) implements this action. ( For example: if this compiled program is put in the cgi-bin directory then a user user can put their own CGI script into ~user/public_html/cgi-bin.

To run their CGI program they use a normal anchor tag as follows:

<A HREF="http://machine/cgi-bin/mas_run?user=mas&file=cgi&options=op1">
    Run my CGI script

The extra components are:

This CGI program is run as normal except that there is an execution limit of 20 seconds on the program.

Try out this program here.

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