MD (or MkDir)


Creates a directory. MD and MkDir are synonymous.


MD [path] directoryname


  1. In Win9x, directoryname can be up to 256 characters long and include all characters in the ANSII set (above 0031) that are not reserved (eg. < > | * ?).
    However, there is a case for creating directories with names following the old Dos rules (ie. in 8.3 format and all upper case) whenever possible/reasonable. Such names do not require longfilename aliases thus saving 32 bytes in the folder index which is searched for every file open call. Once such a directory has been created, it can be referred to using either uppercase or lowercase without any problem.
  2. Although directories can include an extension, this is seldom done and may even confuse some programs.
  3. There does not appear to be any limit to the number of subdirectories or to the total length of the path.
  4. MD will only allow the creation of one subdirectory at a time. To create a directory tree, either use MD repeatedly, or use XCOPY (see "Tricks").

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January 1, 2003.