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Command Lists

MS-DOS Reference
- Marcus Houlden (1999)
This site includes a listing of Dos commands from all versions along with syntax and brief notes. There is also a history of the Dos versions with comments on the major features included with each upgrade.
DOS Command Index
- Everett Murdock Ph.D. (1994-1999)
This site includes a listing of Dos commands along with syntax and brief notes. Information about DOS commands from the book, "DOS the Easy Way".
MSDOS help and commands
- Computer Hope
This site covers a wide range of Dos subjects ranging from a brief description of the commands (including undocumented switches), error codes, an introduction to batch files, some Debug scripts, and an FAQ covering miscellaneous DOS related hardware and software issues.
MS-DOS v6.22 Help
- Vernon Frazee
MS-Dos 6.22 Command Reference with syntax, notes, and examples.
MS-DOS v6.22 Help
- Benny Pedersen
MS-Dos 6.22 Command Reference with additional notes and examples.

Using Dos

As far as I have been able to find, there are no comprehensive on-line sources for learning about Dos. Furthermore, I have yet to come across any books on using Dos 7.x (though several books on Win95 discuss how to work with Dos programs under Win95).

Anyone wishing to understand how to use Dos 7 is probably best advised to pick up one of the "heavy" guides to Dos 6.2 (from library or second hand bookstore) and couple this with the Dos chapter of a Win95 guide.

Having said that, there is:
Guide to Config.sys &
Autoexec.bat version 3.04

Peter H. S. Madsen (1999)
An excellent page on how to set up Config.sys and Autoexec.bat for running under Win 9x with explanations on all the lines used and their significance. Also has advice on setting up Dosstart.bat and Winstart.bat.

Batch Files

DOS Batch Language
- Ted Davis (1998)
Excellent comprehensive site devoted to batch files from introduction to advanced techniques. Easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to follow.
Batfiles: The DOS Batch File
Programming Handbook & Tutorial
- Laurence Soucy (1997)
Another excellent comprehensive treatment of batch files. The author has made a point of including numerous examples with detailed explanatory notes.
DOS Batch Files
- Anon
An introduction to batch files covering the basic concepts of putting together a batch file and exploring how some commands can be "stretched" to add to their versatility.
Batch File Contents (Updated, Dec 98)
- Tom Lavedas
This site is devoted to extending the power of batch file programming to its limits. Some of the procedures are convoluted but explanations of some trickier parts are given.
Batch Programming Stuff
- Terry Newton (1998)
Contents page leading to a mass of diverse material on batch files including working batch files, links to other batch file sites, and his Batch Guide (see below).
Batch Guide
- Terry Newton (1998)
Although the first section deals with basic batch file techniques, things quickly move on.
Topics covered include:
  1. Menus
  2. Processing lists of data
  3. Launching programs and retrieving data therefrom.
DOS Batch Programming
- Anon (199?)
Easy-to-read site concentrating on dealing with common batch file problems such as accepting user input and manipulation of numbers/strings. Includes numerous examples of functional batch files that will do everything from shutting down Win95 to "Play all your sounds with just enough delay between sounds to let the cat relax".
DOS Batch Programming Elements
- Dirk van Deun (1997)
A collection of batch routines (along with commentaries) that demonstrate how things that can't be done with batch files can be done.
Topics covered include:
  1. Input
  2. Output
  3. String Manipulation
  4. Mathematical routines
  5. Database management and file processing/parsing
  6. Getting date, time, current drive, directory and version number
  7. General data structures and programming techniques
  8. Generating random values
  9. Object Oriented Programming
  10. Manipulating file date and time

Freeware and Shareware

Simtel.Net MS-DOS Page A massive collection of Dos programs and utilities.
Free Software For DOS
Richard L. Green (2000)
The title page just about says it all: "Reviews, descriptions, links to over 500 DOS programs (no games). Freeware and free-for-private-use shareware listed (no commercial programs listed)." Good reviews.
Interesting DOS Programs
Dev Anand Teelucksingh (2000)
A comprehensive set of links to commercial and shareware Dos program sites. An excellent starting point for finding a selection of Dos HTML editors or whatever.

Dos Hints, Tricks, and FAQs

AXCEL216's MAX Speed
DOS and Windows Tips, Tricks and Secrets A well annotated selection of links about hard disks including partitioning, boot managers, and disk cloning tools.
Ranish Partition Manager
- Mikhail Ranish (Sept. '99)
Apart from being the source of the Rannish Partion Manager, this site has some detailed information about hard disks, partitions, and how they work. There is also a useful set of related links.
Home Page of Ray Knights Lowlevel information about Win 95/98; MBR & boot codes, BIOS, debug utilities, partition tables, FAT, links and more


There are still a few newsgroups in which MS-Dos may be discussed.

Message Forums

Web based forums (message boards) devoted to MS-Dos questions, answers, and discussion.
The EasyDOS Forum Everything in DOS from file names to installing Windows.
Computing.Net DOS Forum Tech Support for DOS. Forums for Windows, and other Operating System are available.
Experts-Exchange Tech Support for DOS. Forums for Windows, and other Operating System are available.

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