Loads a memory resident program into memory when you start MS-DOS.

The INSTALL and INSTALLHIGH commands can only be invoked from Config.sys.


To install a memory resident program into conventional memory:

To install a memory resident program into upper memory:

filenameThe memorresident program to be installed. filename must include the full path name (unless in the root directory) and the extension (.exe, .com, or whatever). It should also include any command-line switches that are required.


Memorresident programs stay in memory as long as the computer is on and can be used even when other programs are active.

All INSTALL commands are processed after any DEVICE commands and before the command interpreter is loaded - hence the need to specify the file extension.

INSTALL does not create an environment for programs it loads. This means that the programs take up slightly less memory than if loaded in Autoexec.bat (or from the command line). INSTALL is not appropriate for programs that use environment variable, shortcut keys, or that require the command interpreter to handle critical errors.

INSTALL is typically used with such MS-DOS memorresident programs as KEYB, NLSFUNC, and SHARE.


To install Fastopen.exe from the windows/olddos directory on c:, and to specify that Fastopen is to track the opening of up to 100 files and directories on drive c:
INSTALL=c:\windows\olddos\fastopen.exe c:=100

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December 9, 1999.