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SMARTDRV.EXE--Double Buffering

Loads the SMARTDRV.EXE device driver to perform double buffering. Double   buffering provides compatibility for certain hard-disk controllers that cannot work with memory provided by EMM386 or Windows running in 386 enhanced mode. To find out whether you need to use double buffering, see <SMARTDRV.EXE--Notes>. SMARTDrive can also perform disk caching, which can speed up your computer. To use SMARTDrive for disk caching, add the <SMARTDRV> command to your AUTOEXEC.BAT file. To use the double-buffering feature of SMARTDrive, the SMARTDRV.EXE device driver must be loaded by a <DEVICE> command in your CONFIG.SYS file. Syntax DEVICE=[drive:][path]SMARTDRV.EXE /DOUBLE_BUFFER Parameters [drive:][path] Specifies the location of the SMARTDRV.EXE file. /DOUBLE_BUFFER Instructs SMARTDrive to perform double buffering.
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