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Starts the Nlsfunc program, which loads country-specific information for   national language support (NLS). You can use the NLSFUNC command either from the command line or within your CONFIG.SYS file to support the use of country-specific information and character set (code page) switching. Do not use the NLSFUNC command while Windows is running. If you do, your computer might stop responding. Syntax NLSFUNC [[drive:][path]filename] In your CONFIG.SYS file, use the following syntax: INSTALL=[[dos-drive:]dos-path]NLSFUNC.EXE [country-filename] Parameters [drive:][path]filename or country-filename Specifies the location and name of the file containing country-specific information. If you use this parameter in the INSTALL command, you must include the drive and directory. [dos-drive:]dos-path Specifies the location of NLSFUNC.EXE. Related Commands For information about displaying the current character set (code page), see the <CHCP> command. For information about preparing a character set (code page), see the <MODE (set device code pages)> command.
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