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Scans your computer for known viruses. Syntax MSAV [drive:] [/S | /C] [/R] [/A | /L] [/N] [/P] [/F] [/VIDEO] Parameter drive: Specifies the drive that MSAV scans for viruses. If you do not specify a drive, MSAV scans the current drive. Switches /S Scans the specified drive, but does not remove viruses that MSAV finds. /C Scans the specified drive, and removes viruses that MSAV finds. /R Creates an MSAV.RPT file that lists the number of files MSAV checked for viruses, the number of viruses it found, and the number of viruses it removed. By default, MSAV does not create a report. When it does create MSAV.RPT, the file is placed in the root directory. /A Scans all drives except drive A and drive B. /L Scans all local drives except network drives. /N Displays the contents of an MSAV.TXT file, if it exists and it is located in the directory that contains the MSAV.EXE file. MSAV then scans the current drive or the drive you specify. MSAV does not use the graphical interface. If MSAV detects a virus, it returns exit code 86 instead of displaying a message on your screen. /P Displays a command-line interface instead of the graphical interface. /F Turns off the display of filenames that have been scanned. Use this switch only with the /N or /P switch. /VIDEO Displays a list of the switches that affect how MSAV is displayed. This list contains all of the following switches. /25 Sets screen display to 25 lines. This is the default setting. /28 Sets screen display to 28 lines. Use this switch with VGA display adapters only. /43 Sets screen display to 43 lines. Use this switch with EGA and VGA display adapters. /50 Sets screen display to 50 lines. Use this switch with VGA display adapters only. /60 Sets screen display to 60 lines. Use this switch with Video 7 display adapters only. /IN Runs MSAV using a color scheme, even if a color display adapter is not detected. /BW Runs MSAV using a black-and-white color scheme. /MONO Runs MSAV using a monochromatic color scheme. /LCD Runs MSAV using an LCD color scheme. /FF Uses the fastest screen updating on computers with CGA display adapters. Using this switch may decrease video quality. /BF Uses the computer's BIOS to display video. /NF Disables the use of alternate fonts. /BT Allows use of a graphics mouse in Windows. /NGM Runs MSAV using the default mouse character instead of the graphics character. /LE Exchanges left and right mouse buttons. /PS2 Resets the mouse if the mouse cursor disappears or locks up.
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